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Ice, Miami and other topics

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First things first: above is today’s advent picture: a semi-frozen lake in Schöneberg.
Frozen lakes are quite common in Berlin during the winter, which is nice for the kiddies, I guess. I’m so tempted to see what Billy would make of a frozen lake, but fear he’d end up breaking his leg or something daft like that.

Second things second: As the above picture hints at, I finally got around to making an FFF Does thing about my trip to Miami back in August.

Third things third: When I’m doing this blog thing, I write it onto (into?) a text document that lives on my desktop before putting it up here for you to see. I mainly do this just in case my browser flips out and quits taking my, cough, pearls of wisdom with it.

This text document, G-notes.txt, also serves as a dumping ground for any half-formed ideas for stuff to write about. I’ve come to realise, though, that most of those ideas stay half-formed, and I never bother to write about them. And now I have to scroll down about two screens-worth of document to find some empty space before I can begin writing that day’s entry.

As it’s coming up to the end of the year, I figure that I should leave all this stuff behind, but being a stickler for not letting anything just go, I’ve decided to do a short summary of the things that I might’ve written about over the past nine months. Think of it like a record company releasing a b-sides album when a band is taking too long to make a new album.

Topic 1. I’m happy to see Maradona looking healthy again. It was kinda sad seeing him all bloaty for the past few years, but seeing him nice and slender, smiling, whilst wearing an anti-Bush t-shirt: that’s great stuff.

Topic 2. When I’m working, I tend not to get up for breaks as often as I should. Having Billy around, though, means I do get up from my desk to take him out or play with him for a bit (that usually involves chucking a ball around the flat or teasing him with it until he wants to do some play fighting).
But my biggest form of relaxation is air-musicianing. I can just about air-musician to anything that iTunes throws at me, but these are my favourites: air-drumming to Down Down by Status Quo and the whole of Dark Side Of The Moon, air-guitaring to November Rain by Guns N Roses, air-pianoing to anything with a piano on it, and air-Wondering to Stevie Wonder songs. That last one just involves smiling, pretending to be blind, and doing that cool thing he does with his head.

Topic 3. After a migraine, ear pain, eye pain, whatever: it always feels so nice to be normal again. Feeling normal after feeling crappy feels amazing.

Topic 4. I’m happy that Daniel Craig is the new James Bond.
It means that for the third time in my life, the next Bond film will be one that I’ll go to the cinema to watch. Not that I don’t like Bond films: I do, very much. It’s just normally I don’t need to see them in the cinema; and for most of us Brits, James Bond films are a very telly thing. They are a part of Christmas. Presents under the tree; wanting to dash off to your bedroom to listen to that new LP your sister bought you with her “pocket money” (ie. not her pocket money at all, money that Mum gave her to buy her brother a present); wolfing down turkey; wishing that maybe, just maybe, those clouds might have snow in them; having to sit through the Queen’s speech; and then, hurrah!, a Bond film. Nothing was cooler as a teenager than watching a suave fella with a flash car, loads of gadgets, and that fleeting glimpse of the side of a voluptuous lady’s breast. That’s the life I will live, I’d think to myself as I trudged to the kitchen in my slippers to get a glass of milk and a bourbon biscuit during the break.
So, after For Your Eyes Only (seen with my family on holiday in north Devon), and A View To A Kill (on my own at Lincoln’s now-closed ABC), the next one will be one I shell out for at the kino.
(And if you like Daniel Craig too, and have never seen it, you should seek out a DVD of the BBC series, Our Friends In The North: it’s fantastic.)

Topic 5. Recently, I was exploring the horror genre of film. It was something that I’d not really bothered with before, but I ended up seeing films that mainly made me shrug. Maybe I just saw the wrong ones, but I didn’t find any of them particularly scary or horrific. Worst of all was the day when I swallowed hard, cracked my knuckles, and picked up A Nightmare On Elm Street.
And A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge.
And A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.
And A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master.
It was part of a grand scheme to watch the whole series of eight films over one weekend. But I gave up after The Dream Master. I was bored. The first film was frustrating cos the one thing the girl kept telling her boyfriend (a very young-looking Johnny Depp) was not to fall asleep, which he duly did. Every. Single. Time.
It was hard to take the second one seriously when one of the big scary scenes was taking place in a bedroom with a Limahl poster on the wall. The third one was okay, but the fourth was a return to the crappy form of the first sequel.
Has anyone seen any of the others? Are they all rubbish?

Anyway, more of this random cleaning-up stuff tomorrow, I’d imagine.

Written by Craig

December 5th, 2005 at 1:11 pm

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  1. Craig, I would just like you to know how much your blog cheers me up on an almost daily basis. After failing my driving test for the 4th time on Friday, and coming in to work this afternoon to hear that my bitch of a workmate passed hers first time this morning, I was in a rather foul mood. But that all changed when I came here, you may not realise it, but you really know how to put a smile on my face.
    So here’s to you, Mr. Robinson.

    Love the FFF Does, very nice indeed. My dog Toby once tried walking on a frozen lake. Took him all of 5 seconds to get to the middle, but about 15 minutes to get off again!


    5 Dec 05 at 14:07

  2. OK, so all this hurricaine and global celebrity stuff is all very impressive: but what I want to know is – what are those semi naked men doing in your room?


    5 Dec 05 at 15:12

  3. Anna: Thanks very much, it’s nice to know you like the blogging. Sorry about your driving test, maybe you could tamper with the brakes on your workmate’s car so that she ploughs off a bridge to her death or something. That’ll teach her.

    Dave: It wasn’t my room, that was the party penthouse’s bathroom, which doubled up as a changing room for the hired “beautiful people.”


    5 Dec 05 at 15:36

  4. Love the FFF does Miami thing; finally: the golden bikini….
    I “Stevie” to music as well!!!!! Ok, I also “Bono” every pre-zooropa u2-song.

    sorry for that.

    frans theunisz

    5 Dec 05 at 18:12

  5. Are we going to get see these commercials you made for Yahoo! either on UK tv or on your site? Love to see them.


    6 Dec 05 at 01:31

  6. Love FFF does Miami. Very cool. Mucho likeo. Also concur with Anna. Smiling is great!

  7. i really like the miami FFF does, it has a very nice miami style, especially the typography.

    I also second what anna said. About cheering her up i mean, not about driving. You inspire me.

    the brain

    6 Dec 05 at 10:49

  8. Frans: I thought you’d be happy to finally see it!
    Anon: Soon they’ll be on FFF, I just need to get them all together.
    Tori: Thank you.
    Brain: Hurrah, glad you appreciated the type. It was the thing that got be going. I’d had no idea how to do the whole thing until I drew the word Miami in that style.


    6 Dec 05 at 11:06

  9. Excellent idea about ‘dumping’ the unfinished rambles on-line for all to see. I have a similar set-up with the book(s) I’m working on except I have notebook after notebook full of half-finished plots and characterisations. Maybe I should just have a burning ceremony on New Year’s Eve at 11:59. Start afresh…


    6 Dec 05 at 13:49

  10. It’ll be cathartic too, like tidying underneath my desk was last night.


    7 Dec 05 at 15:56

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