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Wouldn’t it be horrible if the person who’s voice was used on the Tube/subway/metro/U-bahn announcements was that of your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband?
I only mention this because the voice that does the announcements on the Circle line in London always remind me of Princess Diana. I’m sure he never uses the Tube, but I got to wondering how Prince Charles might feel hearing his dead wife’s voice on his way to the shops every day.
And, of course, if you had a nasty break-up, you’d really have to use different transport to get from A to B.
Anyway, if you’ve not read it before, there is an interview on B3ta with the woman who does the announcements on the Victoria, Bakerloo and Central lines.

Written by Craig

December 4th, 2005 at 1:44 pm

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  1. God, that would be horrible.

    I always wonder about actors/actresses that did movies together and then split before the release and how horrible the promotion, publicity and openings must be for them…I was wondering this yesterday when I watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith.


    4 Dec 05 at 21:18

  2. A bit off topic, but the voice that would chime things such as “right door is open” in my aunt’s late 80’s maxima (lovingly referred to as “Maxi”) we though lost forever. Until, that is, she moved to a new place and got a new voice mail system… I suppose there must be some sort of special quality about that person’s voice….


    16 Jan 06 at 21:42

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