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Your Berlin advent picture: the nice blue lights hanging down outside a hotel near an elevated train track.

One principle that I’ve tried my best to stick to on FFF and here, is to not have a photo of myself. I’ve nearly broken that rule a few times. And I’m going to kinda break it today. Having a new scanner melted my resolve to not put my picture up here like a volcano melts chocolate.

But still, it’s not current day photos. It’s photos of me when I was younger. First up, one for all the paedophiles out there: me, probably three or four years old, in bed with my teddy bear (he was untitled, never had a name) and Wombles poster.

Here I am with my sister in the garden of my grandparents. A common photo style, this. Get my sister and I to stand nearer to each other than we’d ever naturally want to, and watch the frowns appear.

My grandmother and I. She’s helping me get ready to go and slaughter some Native Americans, smoke some Marlboros, and have a gunfight with Lee Van Cleef. You will notice that I’m not just any cowboy, oh no; I’m the sheriff! See, I got a sheriff’s badge. So, y’know, don’t be gettin’ up to no shit, y’all, cos I come a bust a cap in yo ass.

I’m pretty useless at judging the age of children, even myself as a child; so I can’t be sure when each of these photos were taken. But I do know that I was about 11 or 12 in the next couple of photos cos of the yellow-with-red-pinstripes Liverpool FC shirt I’m wearing in both pictures. You’ll also notice that by this time, I’d become a spectacles-wearer.

Playing snooker in the garden with Gran. My Dad laid that patio himself, y’know. Notice that we had no legs for the snooker table, so we used sawhorses instead.

This would’ve been Christmas at my grandparent’s house, probably 1982. That’s me and my dad playing with the pinball game Father Christmas had brought me. It was battery operated. And incredibly loud. Seemingly, the power needed to use it was so much that the machine had engines inside that made playing with it very very irritating for everyone else around. You’ll also notice part of my sister in the photo. Leg warmers, of course. And an early personal stereo. Look at the size of that thing, eh?

So that’s me. Tomorrow, my grandfather.

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December 21st, 2005 at 9:23 am

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  1. Nice slipper and orange sock combo too…

    Andrew T.

    21 Dec 05 at 10:27

  2. you haven’t changed that much :)


    21 Dec 05 at 10:45

  3. Well, Mr. Robinson, what a cutey you were. And I don’t use that word lightly.
    I’m sure my brother had one of those personal stereos, but it was a funny red colour. No matter how much he altered the headphones, they were still way too big to cover his ears.
    Is that leopard print on your sheriffs jacket?


    21 Dec 05 at 10:47

  4. Indeed you were a cutie! A nice brown shorts…

  5. Howdy, partner.

    Seeing as you’re a lover of Sheriff badges you might be interested my latest T-shirt design.


    Matt Sephton

    21 Dec 05 at 11:39

  6. Lovely! Like a stroll down memory lane. I can almost smell the lycra, the always-sunny-weather-in-summers and the always-white-and-sunny-winters. And the spooky thing is that in the first pic you could have been my long lost and unknown brother! I looked excactly the same!


    21 Dec 05 at 13:26

  7. No. Tomorrow not your grandfather. Tomorrow your teens. Hopefully the punk era.


    21 Dec 05 at 13:40

  8. We still have the same carpeting in my mom’s living room as in your final picture.

    We must have gotten glasses around the same age, Mr. Magoo.


    21 Dec 05 at 15:56

  9. The scanner thing has reinforced your slippery progress into middle age I’m afraid Craig. First the broody thing and now ‘fond memories of sunny patios in Lincoln’. Hopefully you will fend off the “am I wasting my life?” and “should I really be drinking that? – they say it’s not good for me” stages that I have valiantly resisted for years. Put on some wild and wacky sounds and boogie – you know it makes sense!

    Magic Door

    21 Dec 05 at 16:05

  10. Playing snooker with your Gran!!!
    I never did that, although we did play hide and seek.

    I always wanted a pinball machine but never got one. still makes me cry when I think of it

    frans theunisz

    21 Dec 05 at 19:54

  11. We love you, we honestly do, you sexy thing!


    22 Dec 05 at 12:42

  12. Those are some beautiful slippers you’re sporting there Craig, every bit as dapper as your grandad looked! But, aw bless!


    22 Dec 05 at 14:40

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