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Today’s advent picture: the entrance to a local restaurant.

A few days ago, I mentioned that there were plenty of lil’ topics that I’ve accumulated that I’ve not bothered to write about yet, things that are just scraps. I got distracted by fresh stuff during the week, so here’s more of them today.

Topic 6. What’s going on in house music these days? I have absolutely no idea. Does house music still exist? Do people still listen to it? What’s the good stuff? What are the latest sub-genres called? I have a mate called James who used to know everything. He was like a GPS satellite navigation thing when it came to house. You could give him a white label 12″ and within the first few bars he’ll have located the exact sub genre of the sub genre that the track is a part of.

Topic 7. On the subject of house, that House TV show is good, isn’t it? It’s good to see Hugh Laurie doing something like this. And he’s really grown into his face. Whereas he used to look a tad dorky, now he looks quite handsome, I think. But still there’s moments when I expect him to suddenly be doing some silly comedy thing when he’s talking about tumours.

Topic 8. Still about houses. We Brits tend to be obsessed with owning our own house. Not so in Berlin where most people seem to rent. But I still have that desire for my own piece of the world where I can do what I want. When I was younger, I wanted everything that my parents didn’t have, ie. an über-modern house with glass bricks everywhere. your basic Miami Vice location. now, as I’ve lived in several flats in Berlin which have been white boxes with wooden floors, oh how I’d love some nice patterned wallpaper, some carpet, and a lot of nice old creaky furniture. Does this happen to everyone? Their tastes eventually settle down? Or is it an internal realisation that modern houses like that are really expensive, or is it just a desire to be a bit more comfy?

Topic 9. This makes me angry. Not that I’ve ever read any of his books, but, really, how dumb is it that an authors wishes are so blatantly ignored just to make some money? I’m off to my hut and potatoes again.

Topic 10. Last week I was doing some Christmas shopping (all done done, hurrah!). Usually when walking around Berlin’s central Mitte district, I’ll hear a few peope talking English, but the first I heard any English that day was like I was back in Lincoln or something. Two girls – Vicky Pollard is a cruel comparison, but not too far off – looking at perfumes when one shouts to the other, “Oi! Look, David Beckham’s got a new one!”

Topic 11. Things that make me smile: Hearing Stevie Wonder’s harmonica playing, opening a jar of Marmite and inhaling it’s deliciousness, “J’en Marre” by AlizĂ©e, watching Billy’s big hairy paws beg for a treat, and being inside when it’s chucking it down outside.

Topic 12. The American version of The Office is great, if you’ve not seen it.

Topic 13. Before I go on, I must stress that I mean no disrespect to anyone with this. And I still have doubts about what it is I am going to say. But I’ll just say it: I think we have too many one-minute’s-silences. There’s seems to be one at the start of every other football game these days. Fair enough when a legend like George Best dies, I guess. But there seems to be silence for everything. Doesn’t it diminish the concept when there’s so many silences?

Topic 14. Recently, a fellow left-handed friend and I were talking. We both automatically zone in on other left-handed people. It’s something we both instinctively notice. Every time there’s a lefty on telly or in a film, we both notice. Is this a general lefty thing? Do you all do it? Any right-handed people out there who notice lefties straight away?

Anyway, Billy did a poo in the hall last night and I stepped in it on my way to the bathroom when I got up. Squishy through my toes. Great. And now the flat has that slightly sickly sweet smell of spaniel shit.

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December 11th, 2005 at 1:26 pm

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  1. About the housing:
    Even architects are beginning to notice the client wants both (ultra)modern (read: different, provocative) design AND tends to like items and styles they remember from their youth.
    So architects like Koolhaas (little promotion for the netherlands here, sorry) start combining the two. His Bordeaux villa has oriental rugs on concrete floorings, and the porto music hall has portuges tiles in ultramodern spaces. Works well actually! see this: http://vrm.vrway.com/issue23/VIRTUAL_TOUR_OF_REM_KOOLHAAS_CASA_DA_MUSICA_PORTO.html

    looks like billy followed my advice. well, shit happens.

    frans (who is alo architect) theunisz

    11 Dec 05 at 14:57

  2. I like carpets as it seems to make acoustics softer, and generally make stuff warm and homely.

    I ain’t keen on echos at home.

    I saw about 3/4 of one episode of House. I thought it was a bit annoying. They were all trying to diagnose this girl, and I just thought, look, how many shows can we deal with where some doctors try to diagnose something, and it’s tricky, but they finally pull it off? Come on!

    However it did feature an actor who I think used to be in Neighbours, possibly playing a character called Billy. That’s always fun.


    11 Dec 05 at 16:48

  3. Oh, and for me Hugh Laurie will never top his turn as Bertie Wooster in the Thames Television series.


    11 Dec 05 at 16:49

  4. Topic 14. YES! You are exactly right, I’m doing it too, but don’t know any righthanded who notices lefties…
    And seeing other lefties, they always seem to be a bit ungelenk, cause they use the wrong hand… can’t explain, but always looks strange…


    11 Dec 05 at 21:00

  5. About the Lefties – yup. I always have that feeling of solidarity.


    12 Dec 05 at 00:13

  6. Same here, Lefty solidarity, particularly within the family. My aunt and I are usually considered the “weird” ones that don’t really fit in, and we’re the only lefties.

    and I LOVE House. It’s like Mr. Palmer from Sense and Sensibility all the time minus the accent! Snarky = sexy.

    I’m still begging for you to do Dave Matthews Band minipops. Will it ever happen? Please?


    12 Dec 05 at 00:21

  7. I might be wrong, but isn’t CS Lewis complaining just about a human playing Aslan (a Lion)? Hence the ‘pantomime’ thing…
    Not that I care, I think it’s all a bit twee upper class / middle england rubbish anyway


    12 Dec 05 at 01:20

  8. Frans: They look nice-ish. Not keen on the crazy shape, though.
    Paul: Mmmm, carpet.
    Ea & Anne & Sarah: Hurrah! We are not alone! Last night I noticed that Rik Mayall is left handed. And it was heaven in The Office see two lefties sat next to each other (Tim and Gareth).

    Dave: I just can’t bring myself to care about these huge CGI fests these days. Lord Of The Rings… well, I just watched the first two, cos, y’know I just did not CARE whether they chucked the ring into the fire-y lake or whatever it was. CGI is so over-used, and I can never watch it without thinking, Oooh, the way they’ve CGI-ed his hair is good. I only really like it when it’s used sparingly, ie. the fast plummetting view, going through all the floors of a building to the basement shot in Fight Club.


    12 Dec 05 at 09:46

  9. Oh, the poo story is horrid. Plutarch woke me up at 3:30 this morning rough-housing about. Then there was a weird squeaky noise, so I thought he had gotten this one particular toy out. Finally, I turned on the lights and he was chasing a mouse around the bedroom. eek. I can’t kill those things, they are too cute. Didn’t know what to do, he thought it was a toy and was batting it around rather than disposing of it. Finally, it hid under the stove and I’ve no idea what happened from there. I went back to sleep.


    12 Dec 05 at 18:12

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