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The jingle bells-y advent picture above is of a window display at a posh clothes shop. Quite a sumptuous tree, there, huh?

So, today I thought that I’d re-visit some of the topics I’ve written about this year and do some updates.

The beating (2) (3) (4)
Remember when I got beaten up? Well, nothing ever happened about it. No jail time for him, no working on the chain gang. After giving the police his description and address, and there also being a witness who supplied more info about him, the police seem to have chucked it in the bin and ignored it. Is there any wonder people take the law into their own hands sometimes? Is there any wonder crimes go un-reported? Oooh, it makes me angry. Still, even though the attacker fella lives just around the corner, I’ve not seen him since that day. Nor have I been back to the bakery outside of which the attack happened. I do occasionally fantasise about seeing him. It’s quite a simple fantasy: I see him, he recognises me, I whip out a huge fucking piece of metal piping and batter him to within an inch of his life.

My ears (2) (3)
I’ve had problems with my ears all year. It’s getting quite irritating. At first I thought it was because I used cotton buds a lot, but since I’ve knocked them on the head, I’ve still had the problems. Then I blamed Billy. Letting him lick my face must be passing an infection into my ears. But I’ve had problems when Billy’s been away visiting his grandparents. I don’t know what it is and why it comes coming back. All I know is that this time last year I didn’t have low level tinitus constantly ringing in my ears, but I do now. It’s not that bad, but it’s there, and when things are really quiet, I notice it. Ho hum.

Tall people at concerts
Tall people always spoil conerts for me. Someone at The Guardian has issues with ’em too. (Thanks for the link, Iain)

A big gripe of mine. Nothing major has happened, just the usual shoddy service; but yesterday, it was kinda busy, and they opened a till next to the one I was queueing for. I was way back in the queue, so it didn’t really bother me to dash to the freshly-opened till, but there was a guy with a trolly full of Xmas shopping (loads of snacks, booze, and a frozen goose) and he literally barged past the guy in front of him who was walking to the new till. If this wasn’t rude enough, the barged-past bloke had three items in his hand. Three! I chuntered to myself, and shook my head, wondering what this world is coming to.

Hurrah! Blogging about this get rid of it.

Band names
You can add Clap Your Hands Say Yeah to that list. Never have I heard a more awful name. And their music makes me want to plunge my head into a bucket of bird flu-laced acid, too.

Broken sink
Still not got around to replacing it…

And finally, My Zippo
After having to disembowel my lighter at Tegel airport’s security thingy, I went onto the Zippo website and wrote them an email asking if there was a special way to re-fill the lighter with cotton wool. I got a very pleasant reply from their customer services department with nicely detailed instructions on how to do properly. They even wished me Happy Holidays. Hurrah for Zippo!

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December 12th, 2005 at 8:53 am

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  1. That sink is excellent! I’ve never seen one taped up with duck tape before!

  2. What is that tree actually made of? Its quite pretty.

    I get quite irritated by surpermarkets and shops in general really. The main thing is when they give you your receipt with your change on top of it, resulting in £2.78 worth of change falling on the floor and me crawling around like a fool trying to pick it up. Is it so hard to put the receipt in the bag?!
    Thats my rant for today, sorry!


    12 Dec 05 at 10:53

  3. Tori: I love how you call duct tape ‘duck tape’. That’s wonderful!
    Anna: The tree looked like feathers and stuff. I’ve already had a shout in a supermarket this morning. At 9.30am, for God’s sake. My pet hate in Berlin supermarkets is when I hold my hand out for the change and they’ll swerve my hand and put the change on the counter. This happens so often. The supermarket empployee this morning got called a “fucking cunt” for her efforts. I’m stopping internalising this now, and I’ve decided to just let them know my digust.


    12 Dec 05 at 11:02

  4. Wow, I was about to post a comment on Architecture in Helsinki being a stupid name for a slightly folky Australian band. But now I’m alarmed that you’re abusing people in shops, even if its in a foreign language. Chill darling, chill out big-style. And if you did it in an inaudible muttering way then beware turning into a muttering old crazy person…

    Anna W

    12 Dec 05 at 12:05

  5. Oh yeah, duck tape. Love it! I may start a campaign to get that accepted as universal terminology.

    Anna W

    12 Dec 05 at 12:08

  6. I can relate Craig, also in my local Tesco, they like to turn round and have a chat with their mate for about 5 minutes before remembering that you’re waiting there. I used to work for a well known british card shop *cough* Clintons *cough* and I always smiled, always put the receipt in the bag and always told them how much change I was giving. Some don’t bother, so they could be giving you half what you should have. Probably sounds really petty to a lot of people, but it can really wind you up the wrong way


    12 Dec 05 at 12:16

  7. i know. it’s stuck since i used to actually think it was called duck tape! i think it’s a much better name…

  8. ooh, and in saupermarkets i hate when they put the receipt and notes on your hand first and then the change which just falls off the top. VERY annoying.

  9. in fact not just supermarkets, just shops in general.

  10. “Duck tape” is not that funny … the name has been used since WWII when the tape made by Johnson & Johnson was nicknamed based on it’s waterproof qualities. I believe that it was called “duck tape” before it was ever called “duct tape”.

    Luigi Castiglioni


    12 Dec 05 at 13:08

  11. ah-ha – so i’m not that stoopid then!

  12. I want to tell you that i’ve bought your wonderful book “minipop” to my boyfriend last year, and he play with it still today. Blessed either your work. %)

    …Sorry for my english! i’m a stupid french… :'(


    12 Dec 05 at 15:06

  13. what’s your teddy in the header photo called?

  14. what’s your teddy in the header photo called?

  15. I’ve enjoyed all your supermarket, duck tape and cotton bus talk. Thank you.

    The bear in the header photo is Wilco, star of his own pop video. Look: Wilco does The Locomotion


    12 Dec 05 at 16:57

  16. Wilco is a vry good name for a bear.


    12 Dec 05 at 17:13

  17. Some Scandinavians have actually begun calling “Duck/t Tape” Jesus Tape for its miraculous properties…

    Andrés Ingi

    12 Dec 05 at 17:30

  18. Blessed be either you or your work, my child.



    12 Dec 05 at 18:27

  19. so not only marco v b but also jesus reads this blog… jeez…

    went to a admiral freebie (cool name huh) concert last year and he asked the audience to use your height-based positions….

    frans theunisz

    12 Dec 05 at 18:34

  20. Craig, I’ve got ringing in my ears too. It was pretty minor in my right year for the past 7 years until a couple months ago it started in my left year. It’s louder now and I can hear it anytime of the day. It doesn’t make me wanna stab a pencil in my ear, but it’s annoying as all hell. Check this out though, http://www.taoofherbs.com/products/144/NaturalCare/RingStop.htm
    I started taking it a month ago, so far it hasn’t done shit but maybe it’ll work for you.

    Thoroughly Amused

    12 Dec 05 at 22:27

  21. craig…for what its worth. I got beaten as well round the corner in Weinburgsweg park. I had a few Anakin revenge dreams where I nearly turned to the dark side….but I’m OK now. Send me a picture of the guy and I’ll put a fatwah on his head or a brotchen or something


    13 Dec 05 at 02:25

  22. Benji: It is, isn’t it? Suits him.
    Andrés: That’s wonderful. But, of course, so is Jesus.
    Jesus: Hey, just talking about you. Thanks, fella.
    Frans: It’s catching on! This is how ideas become revolutions!
    TA: Ooh, poor you. Maybe the second month of the 60 day treatment may prove positive.
    Alex: Sorry to hear that. Hope you’re ok. My visions are less Anakin, more round-the-back street fighter style. Of course, I’m a big girl in fights, so it’d never happen.


    13 Dec 05 at 10:13

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