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I don’t often look at FFF’s stats. For a long time I didn’t have them turned on, cos they keep such a large amount of information that it was taking up a shed-load of space on the server. Recently, though, I had them turned back on.

A couple of things were interesting for me. Firstly, Flip Flop Flyin’ (that’s everything, including this Flip Flop Flying blog) gets a heck of a lot less visitors than it used to at its peak. That peak was when Minipops was getting loads of press, got talked about on Chris Moyles’ BBC Radio One show, and that damned quiz was doing the rounds.

It still weirds me out a bit that the quiz had such a big effect on the popularity of Minipops, especially considering that I didn’t put the quiz together, it was done without my permission or my blessing. But mainly I didn’t like it cos it was done quite badly, with lots of spelling mistakes.

The effects of the quiz were massive. It melted my server for a start. I ended up with a huge number of visitors for a week or two, about half a million a day at its peak. That felt odd, cos there I was beavering away on my little hobby which I was putting up there, knowing that some like-minded souls might enjoy it; and suddenly, every office worker with a browser on a bored Thursday afternoon was looking at what I’d done, like, “Those Minipops are cool, but what’s this Pete & Bob stuff all about, dude?”

Visiting figures leveled off for several months at about 7,000 a day. Still none too shabby. So last week – a year or so later – when I had the stats turned back on, my ego was a tiny bit bruised to see that the site now gets less than half as many visitors.

After I’d licked my wounds, it occured to me that this was a good thing. That I’m still getting around 3,000 a day is fantastic, really. The site’s found its natural level. What was most amazing, though, was which pages are getting the most visitors. I’d kinda assumed that this blog was only read by maybe 100 people or so, but apparently, 31.1% of the vistors come to the blog. That’s superb!

All the above waffle, basically, is my way of saying thank you for coming and reading this drivel every day. I appreciate it. It has been a great experience to read the comments, to have some feadback and contact with people who like what I do.
And if you’re one of those people who doesn’t ever comment, and I know from some emails that there are a few people who think the comments are a bit clique-y; well, why not say hello? It’s not meant to be a clique, and I don’t think it is.
So, y’know, say hello if you want to.

Today’s advent picture is nice, huh? It’s a fairy light version of the Brandenburger Tor on Tauentzienstrasse in the fancy shopping area of west Berlin.

Written by Craig

December 15th, 2005 at 9:19 am

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  1. Dude, AdSense. AdSense!

    Make some cash from all us grubby freeloaders.

    The Big A

    15 Dec 05 at 10:07

  2. Hi Craig, I must say it took me about a year to summon up courage to comment on your blog, partly because I didn’t know if you appreciated strangers and partly because everyone else (with yourself at the top of the pile)seem to lead such interesting lives!

    Anyway, there would be a little gap in the day without a visit to FFF, so well done and enjoy it!

    I expect you will be inundated with compliments for the rest of the day, so brace yourself.

    Magic Door

    15 Dec 05 at 10:19

  3. Well I for one love FFF and have done for a number of years. It’s strange really, I’ve been visiting everyday for the past few years and in a way, your life has become a part of my life. I hope that doesn’t sound freaky or anything, but it wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t have FFF to visit everyday, it cheers me up. It kinda feels like I know you, even though its not on a personal level and I’ve never met you in my life (that I’m aware of). The site is great, and to be honest, Minipops are one of the last things that come to mind when I think of FFF, not because I don’t like them, but because there’s so many other superb things to look at. I read the OAQ every month or so and it still makes me giggle, even though it hasn’t changed. Good work Craig, and a big Thank You back : )


    15 Dec 05 at 10:25

  4. Your ramblings on your blog and the other stuff on flipflopflyin (which drew me in in the first place some years ago) give me a form of escape from the boredom of work each day. So thank you!

    Although I have spent the past few days replacing the word ‘you’ with ‘me’ in every song, every headline and every sentance I read or think of! Grrrrrr – its addictive.


    15 Dec 05 at 10:30

  5. Thank you all. It certainly feels nice to know that you’re interested in some way in my stumbling-around-Berlin life.
    As for AdSense, well, I’ve made an ever-so-worthy conscious effort to not have advertising on eith the blog or FFF. I’m kinda sick of seeing advertising everywhere in my daily life. On the street, on the side of buses, inside buses, inside trains, on taxis, on bus shelters, on TV, in papers, on radio, on the Internet, in my letterbox, on ashtrays in bars, above the urinals in restaurants, on the shirt of my favourite football team. I’m beginning to hate it. Therefore, I can promise you now: no adverts EVER on FFF.


    15 Dec 05 at 11:11

  6. YAY to no Ads!
    I found FFF because of the Minipops quiz, i’ll admit. But I was quickly taken by Billy’s blog, Wilco doing the locomotion, and everything else fun that is FFF.
    I found the Minipops book at Borders Melbourne Central, and hoping I’ll find Fun Fun Fun there too.
    And yes, I ‘Can’t get me out of my head’ now either.
    Craig, thanks for a thoroughly entertaining blog, all the best to you and yours for the festive season. And to everyone else out there too!


    15 Dec 05 at 11:49

  7. eh, it’s not drivel. i think this blog is a great idea and enjoy reading it. so keep it going!

    nothing else to say except i agree the comments box isn’t clique-y at all.


    15 Dec 05 at 13:19

  8. Hello Craig,

    I’ve been coming to flipflopflyin’ for yeeeeeeeeeears now… My sister introduced me to it. My favourite parts are the kitchen cupboard webcam (Marmite hooking up with SunPat – genius!) and David with One Long Arm… hee hee. Now whenever I’m bored at work (a lot) I get to read your blog too, and it always makes me chuckle.

    I know what Anna means too – I do feel I know you!

    Thanks Craig (and Billy too; he’s a comedy genius)

    Fran in London


    15 Dec 05 at 13:51

  9. As one of the many people who hardly ever comment, I’d like to take this opportunity to say Merry Christmas to you, Craig and all the other comment posters out there.

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog since it started. It was a particular surprise to find out that the creator of the minipops was a Lincoln lad as I was born, bred and still live and work in the city.

    Keep up the good work in 2006.


    15 Dec 05 at 13:59

  10. What Anna said… the “working” day isn’t complete with a trip to FFF land. Stumbled on it years ago, and was kind of miffed when the quiz went around and everyone else at work found minipops too. Do you think the quiz helped spark the Yahoo interest? I come straight to the blog now, and pick up on additions to FFF here first.
    Seasons greetings to you and yours and keep on keeping on.
    Andrew T


    15 Dec 05 at 14:29

  11. its natural level



    15 Dec 05 at 14:35

  12. I’ve been going to the FFF-site for a few years now. My memory tells me it was a link to a Robbie Fowler minipop that got me there, but he is not in the archive. Is my memory deserting me? Have you never made Mr Fowler as minipop?
    Anyway it is nice reading a fellew football loving, Rubic’s solving socialist’s blog.
    And about the adds. Why isn’t it possible to buy a Liverpool shirt without the Carlsberg logo. I remember Liverpool playing away in Norway and France in an all red shirt and it looked bautiful…
    Happy holidays to all.


    15 Dec 05 at 14:49

  13. “The site’s found it’s natural level”.
    ITS, in one word please!
    [don’t mean to be pissy about it but am]
    thanks (and keep up the good work).



    15 Dec 05 at 14:56

  14. 3,000 a day? Bah humbug, make that 2,999… Just kidding, happy chrimbo!

    Mr Sneeze

    15 Dec 05 at 14:56

  15. Thanks again, all.
    Glad to be of service.

    Dave & Nerdette: Okay, I’ll change it. Mistakes happen, don’t they? Like “hurricaine,” eh, Dave?


    15 Dec 05 at 18:53

  16. haha good call
    only joking Craig. At least you didn’t do it in half-inch high letters at the start of your supplement about George Bush’s first five years, like The Guardian did yesterday


    15 Dec 05 at 20:07

  17. Thank you kindly for being part of my day. I am following your work since the mini-zoo and it still makes me laugh.

    (Sollte ich an dieser Stelle nochmal um einen deutschen Satz betteln? Ich denke schon! Biiiiiiiiiiiitte!)


    15 Dec 05 at 20:42

  18. Big thanks to you too big-guy for brightening up my day for the last er… several years.


    15 Dec 05 at 22:02

  19. Aw! See, this is why we all come and visit. Craig’s the sort of chap who, as it nears Christmas, actually says thank you to people for coming to his site, using up his bandwidth allowance, costing him money. You know what that is? That’s polite. Not a lot of that on the internet, really.

    I, for one, really like the fact that one chap, drawing little pictures, telling little stories, creating funny and heartwarming and interesting things out of the bits of everyday life that pass through his head, make me feel delighted about thinking and feeling lots of the same things. The site is honest, it’s unpretentious, it’s genuine craft, and it’s simultaneously modern, and nostalgic, and timeless.

    And it’s not trying to be: you seem to genuinely create things simply to serve the ideas in your head in the best way you can. The very fact that a chap can do that in the 21st century, and get to meet Missy Elliot out of it, makes me feel quite nice about the world.

    Hurrah to no ads! Three cheers to Craig! I’mma hafta buy your book now :)


    15 Dec 05 at 22:08

  20. awwww, Paul has said it all for me! thanks Paul, and thank you Craig!


    15 Dec 05 at 22:45

  21. And there was I, thinking i was one of a select few…

    Congratulations Mr Craig.
    And Merry Christmas

    the brain

    15 Dec 05 at 22:48

  22. Some individual responses…
    Anna and everyone else who said nice things: I thank you most heartily. It’s a shame we don’t all live in the same city, then we could have a festive party. If I don’t respond to your individual comment, it doesn’t mean I don’t like you; it just means that my bath water is getting cold and I’m typing as fast as possible so I can get all warm and read a book.
    Fran: I’ve been meaning to do another episode of David, just never seem to get around to it. Hopefully in 2006.
    Jon: How’s Lincoln looking this Christmas?
    Bisp: There’s a Liverpool FC Minipop, maybe it’s that one. I got one of those replica 1984 Roma shirts; that’s nice cos it’s got no sponsor on it.
    Dave: Oh my, that’sa good one. The Guardian, you’d think, with their reputation, would make an extra effort with the proof-reading, huh?
    Alex: Okay, Ich will ein schönes bad, mit heisse wasser und viel Schaumbad. Eine Flasche Becks auch.
    Paul: Thanks, man. It’s enough to make me almost forget you support the Arse! Really, though: thank you.
    Thank you all.


    15 Dec 05 at 23:13

  23. ‘Lo Craig!

    Been lurking around your site for close to a year now thanks to a friend who introduced me to your mini pops. I saw one of your desktop wallpapers on her computer and asked where she got it. Suddenly i’m here!

    Thought i’d let you know your celeb. mini-pop Ads are still running here in the states. After a while i thought i’d seen them all and then one day one i hadn’t seen came on. Octopus, Yacht, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell? It was really funny. Laughed a bit. Did you get to animate them yourself?

    Oh, one of the reasons i think your site may be getting even less visitors than before is because your site’s blog is syndicated via RSS. I know i look at your blog through your RSS livejournal feed and that connects to my friend’s page. i never have to leave to go visit the actual FFF blog. Maybe if you gave shorter exerpts and then left a link people would have to click upon to read the full rest of your entry, you could increase your stats a little bit more. Like giving people a sneak peak and then they’d have to go the extra mile to read everything else. Just a thought.


    Andrew .K.

    16 Dec 05 at 05:24

  24. Andrew, thanks. I didn’t animate the Yahoo! clips, that was the wonderfully talented people at Nexus in London. The Pharrell one, though, is great, huh? I love how they did it when Pharrell goes inside the squid.
    Oh, I wish the RSS thing was the answer! But my stats do count the XML documents….


    16 Dec 05 at 11:02

  25. My website gets an average of 30 views a day… so ah… 3000 ain’t bad at all, believe me!
    Anyway, I’ve been coming to this site for what must be almost two years now, which is kind of scary!

    Basically, it’s just so nice to see a clean, tastefully designed website, free of ads (YAY!) and an interesting blog.

    The key to a good blog is making even the every day occurences of life interesting… thats what I try and do, anyway, but you do it better than me!

    Happy Christmas!


    17 Dec 05 at 18:17

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