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You might’ve noticed that the top bit of the blog has changed a couple of times recently. I got a bit bored of the big white on green G thing. Then I tried the blocky scrawly capital letters for a couple of weeks: not keen on that either. So now I’m trying a photo thing. Might not settle on this particular photo, but for the meantime, I quite like it.
Any thoughts?

And here’s another photo for you:

I find it quite amusing that a brand of cotton buds, something that I use for gouging wax out of my ears, is called Touch of Charm. Of course, it’s not advised to stick these things in your ear canals; something my ear doctor has drilled into me, thus this nearly-full packet sits in my bathroom gathering dust.

Written by Craig

December 11th, 2005 at 3:56 pm

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  1. Man, *two* completed Rubik’s cubes?

    What are you trying to prove?


    11 Dec 05 at 16:43

  2. That I’m really really clever! No, not really. I just think they are beautiful objects. And it’s not difficult to do the Rubik’s Cube, it’s just about remembering a few series of algorithms.


    11 Dec 05 at 16:47

  3. Yup.

    Algorithm 1: peel off stickers.
    Algorithm 2: stick stickers back on


    I reckon flip (ha ha! Look what I did there. I’m a natrual.) the photo around as suits your whim, BUT keep “Flip Flop Flying” in the same place, or written in the same font, or in the same colour, or all of the above, so that everyone knows where it’s at.

    Look at me telling Missy Elliot’s favourite artist about design decisions, eh?


    11 Dec 05 at 16:52

  4. Ho ho!

    Yes, that was kinda what I was planning. I’ll probably just upload a bunch of pictures and make them load randomly, but with, as you say, the title in the same place each time.

    Arsenal, eh?
    More importantly, Liverpool, eh? Superb…


    11 Dec 05 at 16:55

  5. Yeah, we’re getting quite good at playing well and not winning games. At least Wenger finally took Cygan out of left back, although I hear he refrained from taking him out the back and shooting him so it’s not all good news.

    Not to worry, I’m sure the old Liverpool inconsistency will kick in around February and get you back to the comfortable environs of fourth place :) At least the Toffees aren’t lording it over you this season.


    11 Dec 05 at 17:19

  6. Indeed, it’s great to see them flirting with relegation again.


    11 Dec 05 at 17:23

  7. if you can’t stick cotton buds in your ears, then what exactly are they for…?


    11 Dec 05 at 18:43

  8. What about cleaning keyboards?


    11 Dec 05 at 18:52

  9. I like the photo. Anyone else but me not so keen on comments that open in a separate window though?


    11 Dec 05 at 21:10

  10. Good idea, Lisa.

    Merete, nor am I, just the only other option I can find in Blogger world is to have it take you to a Blogger-ish templatey page, which is ugly, so, sadly, you’re stuck with this.


    11 Dec 05 at 22:02

  11. Cotton buds: keyboards, cameras, tape heads, hard to clean bits on guitars and, it appears on anything except ears! Have you tried painting with them?
    The box looks like the Rothmans logo, perhaps you could offer them round to guests whilst indicating one of those big old lighters on the coffee table…….

    Magic Door

    12 Dec 05 at 12:59

  12. so, if they’re for cleaning all that stuff with, then why are they in the toiletries section in supermarkets? why not with the dusters, scouring pads, wipes and stuff?

    I’m not trying to be contrary, I’m just puzzled now.


    12 Dec 05 at 13:09

  13. Well…..actually, if you ever have to change a toilet seat, they are handy for cleaning all the bits you don’t normally see, so thats another reason to put them under ‘toilet’ries. On the other hand maybe it’s just my natural adaptive inventiveness!

    Magic Door

    12 Dec 05 at 13:18

  14. make-up removal – if you make a little mistake then you don’t have to take ALL the make-up off…

  15. Cottom buds…I’ll give you that one. We call ’em Q-tips. Try to make sense out of that? It’s about as logical as our refusal to convert to the metric system.


    12 Dec 05 at 18:06

  16. Surely Q-Tips is a brand name? There’s a credit card company in the UK called Egg, so Q-Tips is positively sane compared to that.


    12 Dec 05 at 19:16

  17. Then it’s a brand name that has been so institutionalized that very few in the US would have any idea what you are talking about if you ask for a cotton bud.


    13 Dec 05 at 17:05

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