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Flipping cold

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For the last three days it has been very cold. Gott in Himmel! Es it kälter als der Tit von ein Hexe! Today, wind chill factor included, it’s -24ºC. That’s -11ºF. I’ve even got long johns on. I look like Chris Bonington after I’ve taken Billy out to do his ablutions: breath freezing on the moustachey bit of my beard. Even the wet nasal mucus is freezing inside my nostrils, which is quite an odd sensation.
Anyway, after Tori’s suggestion of adding Minipops to the Monaco section of The Flip Flop Flyin’ Pictorial Atlas of the World, I couldn’t help myself. I love drawing royalty. So much fancy detail to get into. One day I wanna do the whole English/British royal family. One day…

Written by Craig

January 24th, 2006 at 3:30 pm

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  1. sorry for being a smart-ass but “tit” means “die Titte” in german. it’s female. :)

    you’re so right: berlin ist freaking cold and i’m glad i’m not wearing a moustache. :)

    have a nice rest-of-the-day!



    24 Jan 06 at 16:04

  2. excellent update, i look forward to more countries.


    24 Jan 06 at 17:28

  3. ooo-keey… that was informative and exciting. But… where is ABBA, the Royal Family, Henke Larsson, the raw Herring, the Tall Blond Women, and the Absolut Vodka? I am just asking. Where is Sweden?!

    And by the way, it’s pretty cold up here to. I salute the invention of earphones covering most of your head when outside. Earwarmers a-n-d entertainment, yey!


    24 Jan 06 at 19:07

  4. … up here too


    24 Jan 06 at 19:08

  5. Oh man that sweater you as Atlas are wearing? I’ve got it.

    But I shaved the Coldplay beard.

    The Big A

    24 Jan 06 at 19:58

  6. A suggestion for the Chile bit, maybe it would be good to mention the recent election of Michelle Bachelet, perhaps i’m being naive but i hope it’s kind of good thing happening to the country…? I hate the idea that countries/people are stuck in the past because one/a bunch (of) wanker(s) has polluted their history (ie Germany, US).
    Thank you.


    24 Jan 06 at 23:11

  7. I was going to say it’s been really cold here too, but -24 is a bit mental. Still, I am pleased with how my new Homer Simpson slippers are keeping me warm.


    25 Jan 06 at 00:26

  8. We’re currently at -9C, but with no wind for a change. I can’t wait til this cold snap has ended.


    25 Jan 06 at 08:52

  9. I heard it was so cold in Germany that the penguins in Dresden zoo had to be moved indoors!

    Its quite cold here too, but I saw a girl in the bus queue this morning with out a coat so it can’t be too cold. But the lack of coat has been bothering me all morning!


    25 Jan 06 at 10:59

  10. Hurrah! Love the Grimaldis. Looking forward to the Windsors…

    It’s not that cold here. But not sure I’d go out without a coat. Hmmm.

  11. Or do you mean ALL the Royal family, like the Tudors and the Stewarts, etc, etc?!

  12. Anne: sorry, I forget my male/female/neutral stuff.
    Elisabeth: coincidentally, Sweden IS gonna be part of the next update.
    Tori: I mean all of them, from Athelstan to Elizabeth II. And once I’ve done them, I’ll the Scottish one pre-Great Britain. Then the French, then… then…


    25 Jan 06 at 14:18

  13. *to myself* Yes, yessss… We will be the next in line. Yess!!
    *to you all* Nanananaaaa, we will be neeext!


    26 Jan 06 at 22:05

  14. Hi Craig, just purchased yr MiniPops books, which is great, and thus found yr site, which is even greater.

    One small query – your Mini of Merv (Sumo/Fruitfly) Hughes rather resembles Jennifer Beals in Flashdance. Or am I missing something?

    Tim Footman

    29 Jan 06 at 07:56

  15. That’s my Jimmy!


    29 Jan 06 at 21:23

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