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My world thingy

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Strange, sometimes, how ideas find their time. For four years I’ve had this drawing sat on my hard drive. It’s the beginnings of an idea I dropped, but never really lost the love for. I’ve occasionally looked at, wondered how I could improve it, fill it out, but then I’d put it back in its folder and go back to doing something else.

There’s an even older (and crapper) world map drawing on my hard drive, from February 2000, sitting alone in a folder called Mini People of the World. That was gonna be people from every country in their national dress.

Now, after Mexipops and your response to the idea of doing Minipops from various nations (thanks for the suggestions), it seems that, adding in my Wikipedia and CIA World Factbook obsessions, the time is right to do something that ties all these things together. The ideas I have for each of these things do kinda mesh together nicely, it’s just a matter of planning and execution now.

I say this here and now because I want to force myself to work on it. And if I write about it here it’ll create some sort of internal pressure to begin work on it.

Fast forward to December 2006: “Where’s that world-y stuff, Craig?” “Err, sorry, I forgot…”

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January 17th, 2006 at 1:19 pm

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  1. Decidedly good idea.



    17 Jan 06 at 13:56

  2. Could there be minipop-dishes from all around the world?


    17 Jan 06 at 18:20

  3. I’ve just been to visit the CIA World Fact Book site (some satellite has just re-positioned itself to see who has been looking at it…) and I really like the fact you can look at the previous covers. Why is it the 1987, which is kinda cool, looks more contemporary than anything done in the past five years? Actually the 2000 one looks sort of sinister with bits falling off. Perhaps your map could be the 2006 cover? Perhaps I’ll keep quiet with my ranting!

    ‘Part from that, where you going to go next for you Mini People Grand World Tour?


    17 Jan 06 at 18:25

  4. 78 piece Minipops dinnerwear? Yours for just £235.99…

    You’re right, CoCo, the 1987 cover is lovely compared to the rest. 1995’s is particularly horrificly designed.


    17 Jan 06 at 18:32

  5. Yay, good idea about the world-y thing. I await the results with bated breath…

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