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On me head, son

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Here’s two photos of me that should tell you where I went on my holidays.

That’s right, I went to México. The south of México to be a bit more precise. To be even preciser, I went to the state of Chiapas. And very wonderful it was too.

Written by Craig

January 12th, 2006 at 3:40 pm

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  1. Man, All you need now is some boxing gloves and you’re a dead ringer for Strongbad!


    12 Jan 06 at 16:04

  2. blimey, the zapatista one naturally gives you scary dark bags under your eyes. Do they come attached to the mask?


    12 Jan 06 at 16:13

  3. He went to Mexico, and came back with a score to settle.


    12 Jan 06 at 16:21

  4. I’m scared!


    12 Jan 06 at 17:14

  5. Ooh, I was RIGHT!! Well, kind of. It was one of my guesses. Can’t remember what made me say Mexico now. Coooool. What’s the deal with the freaky blue (was going to say *gimp* but thought you might get offended) mask??

  6. I’m ready to kick ass, always.
    The blue mask is a Mexican wrestler mask. Blue Demon. Grrr.
    The bags under my eyes are scary, aren’t they? I’m blaming it on jetlag.


    12 Jan 06 at 18:27

  7. So you had a date with the subcommandante, eh? One of my ex-teachers lived in the jungle with the zapatas(?) for a while, of which I had absolutely no idea when I had mail contact with him, asking him stupid questions like “and how do I make the pong-paddle move vertically instead of horizontally” (he was a multimedia-teacher). I felt really stupid when I found out where he lived as he patiently answered all my mails…


    12 Jan 06 at 19:33

  8. Oh, just one more thing; that was the cutest little nose tip and moustasche peeping out of the blue sca-ha-ha-ry mask… ;)

    I’m sorry, you look absolutely terrifying in those things!


    12 Jan 06 at 19:36

  9. Wow! I love the shiny-blue mask…
    Did you get one for Billy?

    Billy – el perro de lucha

    frans theunisz

    12 Jan 06 at 20:09

  10. Doh! Where you want I should send the cheque?


    12 Jan 06 at 23:59

  11. Is it me, or is this the first time we can see your (adult) eyes?


    13 Jan 06 at 08:44

  12. As someone who actually interacts with flesh-and-blood Craig, I would simply like to say that he does not typically look like a serial killer in everyday life.



    13 Jan 06 at 10:11

  13. Getting ready for for the world cup Craig, on me head son.

    Can we expect something mini-a-poppin’???

    frans theunisz

    13 Jan 06 at 15:11

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