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A bit late, I know, but Happy New Year. Today I’m feeling all jetlaggy. Back in Berlin after a lovely holiday. Back to the ice-encrusted, spent-firework-scarred, grit-coated streets. Back to the wind cutting through me. Back to wearing a coat after nearly three weeks of wearing a t-shirt from morning ’til midnight. Aaaah, post-holiday blues… doncha just love ’em?
Here’s some photographs. Can you guess where I went?

Written by Craig

January 11th, 2006 at 2:27 pm

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  1. Hamburg?


    11 Jan 06 at 15:02

  2. Welcome back. Post-holiday blues suck don’t they.

    I reckon (and my geography is pretty bad becuase all I learnt in geography at school was about nuclear villages and the seed drill) that you were somewhere in South America, maybe Cuba.


    11 Jan 06 at 15:04

  3. Haha, Hamburg. That made me laugh. :)


    11 Jan 06 at 15:04

  4. The ladies loo?


    11 Jan 06 at 15:05

  5. Oh, welcome back Craig! How I’ve missed you! Hope you have come back loaded with inspiration.
    Hmm… the colours look like Greece but t-shirt both day and night – it cannot be that warm in January? And a waterfall? Don’t tell us you’ve been in Africa?!

    And again – glad you’re back after a well deserved break. ;)


    11 Jan 06 at 15:14

  6. The ladies loo in Hamburg: correct!


    11 Jan 06 at 15:15

  7. Hi and welcome back. This is a toughy – I would have said the Carribean, except for the last shot that looks rather like Cheddar Gorge on a wet November morning! Brazil (but no hammocks)or Madagascar, and I’m only suggesting the last one because you would sit on a plane saying it over and over in your head until you couldn’t stop laughing ‘cos it starts to sound like a toilet cleaner…..or a mental eastern European hatchback.

    Magic Door

    11 Jan 06 at 15:39

  8. did you drink Mescal? then I know!


    11 Jan 06 at 15:42

  9. No mescal drunk. I drank lots of Coca Cola, though.


    11 Jan 06 at 15:45

  10. hmmm. somewhere in the caribbean? or mexico? was trying to identify the butterfly but i’ve got no idea. looks pretty. i like the waterfall too.

  11. oh, and welcome back!!

  12. I guess I am right nonetheless. Fajitas, Tequila, Avocados, Salsa…


    11 Jan 06 at 16:02

  13. I think it’s Peru


    11 Jan 06 at 17:30

  14. beautiful pics…just keep on rubbing it in, why don’t ya….


    11 Jan 06 at 17:33

  15. Why, that looks just like my back garden! Did you visit Essex then Craig?


    11 Jan 06 at 17:41

  16. Ecuador?


    11 Jan 06 at 17:58

  17. Heaven?

    Thoroughly Amused

    11 Jan 06 at 18:37

  18. High Wycombe?


    11 Jan 06 at 19:36

  19. If it wasn’t for the last shot I’d put money on Cameroon.


    11 Jan 06 at 21:04

  20. The colours of the walls and the bridge look Cuban to me…


    12 Jan 06 at 01:29

  21. Changed my mind – am convinced it’s Cameroon and will go so far as to put money on it after all – will give fifty quid to charity of your choice if am wrong.

    At the risk of sounding like a mad woman I reckon it’s Cameroon mainly because the waterfall looks like the falls at Kribi (a spot so ridiculously beautiful that I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and I wanted to hug the view and I felt like I was going to burst from the joy of it all). See: http://geo.ya.com/travelimages/cameroon11.jpg

    And then other random reasons that I can’t justify, like:
    – sky above the blue building just looks like African sky
    – WC sign just looks like an African sign
    – landscapes and road and church just look Cameroonian

    And even more randomly:
    – Coca Cola, sadly, seems to be more widely available in Africa than drinking water
    – and lastly, when you were talking about your Grandpa you said that in one of the pictures you liked to think he was on safari, and so perhaps Africa trip was in your head when you wrote that.

    But still thrown by the last shot and also why jet-lagged as not very big time difference (although appreciate would be long flight).

    Anyway, if I am wrong and have made a complete tit of myself, will be money well spent as have had lovely evening looking a photos from squillions of years ago.

    (Blimey – never made a comment before today – this is probably far too long and breach of good blogging manners – apologies in advance.)


    12 Jan 06 at 03:00

  22. I sure do hope there is a picture diary and a story linked to this trip…


    12 Jan 06 at 06:56

  23. Argentina!


    12 Jan 06 at 09:17

  24. i’d say africa, or perhaps morrocco? To be honest i have no idea. But i love the little house area with th painted walls, like life is coming out of the inside of the walls, if you know what i mean?
    Welcome back mr FFF

    the brain

    12 Jan 06 at 14:26

  25. Aaaah, comments! I like thee.
    Thanks. It’s good to be back. Nice to read all your guesses. The good thing is now I know that I don’t need to go to Cameroon or some of the other places you’ve mentioned as they all look like the south of México!


    12 Jan 06 at 15:46

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