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Sweden and some islands

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The lack of bloggy stuff last week just goes to show what happens when I have some work to do. Especially work that I’m enjoying doing. You’ll be seeing the fruits of my hard labour in a week or two.
But for now, an update of the FFF Pictorial Atlas. Today there’s stuff about Sweden, Åland, British Virgin Islands, Christmas Island, Falkland Islands and Nauru. That’s a lot of islands, I know.

Written by Craig

January 30th, 2006 at 4:08 pm

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15 Responses to 'Sweden and some islands'

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  1. I like islands. If I was suddenly to become a multi-squillionnaire, I’d buy an island.

  2. Oh, and my Swedish friend liked the bit on them in your Pictorial Atlas!

  3. Ah if only Wales was an island…

    Andrew T.

    30 Jan 06 at 17:28

  4. What is your problem with Wales? Grow up Andrew..


    30 Jan 06 at 17:52

  5. I’m glad to see that even god doesn’t keep his workbench cleaned at all times.

    Next time the misses starts whining i’ll tell her!

    frans theunisz

    30 Jan 06 at 19:20

  6. oooo I feel honoured. I actually do! And you spelled everything absolutely right! Though, Jenga? What in heaven’s name is that?

    But the history is pretty accurate. Loved it loved it loved it. ;)

    Oh btw, Nina Persson isn’t thaaat cute…

    *proud and very Swedish dance!*


    30 Jan 06 at 20:21

  7. What about the Isle of Wight?


    31 Jan 06 at 10:53

  8. Or the Isle of Man?

  9. Isle of Dogs – Billy would approve!


    31 Jan 06 at 14:01

  10. Isle of Man will be part of the Atlas, what with it not being part of the UK, rather a Crown dependency.
    The great thing about doing this stuff is I’m finding out so much cool information about various places, ie. I failed my Geography ‘A’ level.


    31 Jan 06 at 15:10

  11. Will you also be doing the Channel Island bailiwicks of Jersey and Guernsey? I looked Crown Dependencies up on Wikipedia!

    Think of all the cows and tax dodgers you could do, not to mention Bergerac and Charlie Hungerford!


    31 Jan 06 at 17:16

  12. Craig, may I suggest doing some research on Seborga.

    I bet you never heard of that country!!!

    (it has a minipop-worthy prince: Prince Giorgio I of Seborga!!!)

    frans theunisz

    31 Jan 06 at 18:26

  13. CoCo: I will be doing those, yes. Anything that is like that gets included.
    Frans: No idea what the prince looks like, but I do know of Seborga. They’re on the list of things to do once I finish the proper nations (ambitious, I know), like ex-countries too, Yugoslavia and such. Maybe even fake countries like Florin and Guilder…


    31 Jan 06 at 18:33

  14. maybe seborga.net helps craig…

    frans theunisz

    31 Jan 06 at 19:16

  15. Cool, how about adding the Hutt River Province to that list too. I went there when I was in Australia and met HRH Prince Leonard and Princess Shirley. I even got to sit in Princess Shirley’s throne!


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