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One of those multi-topic posts today, ie. snippets of things that I can’t be arsed to form into seperate coherent posts.

1. The snow is here. Apparently Berlin had snow over Christmas, but of course, I was busy being the whitest and pastiest man wearing shorts in Mexico. So anyway, I was outdoors last night trying to take photos of my cold breath, and lots of snow got into the photos too, which is always pretty.

And it also forms a nice link to the website of Jimmy Owenns which has got some lovely photos of flashed-up snowflakes. The site’s just been re-designed, and very nice it is too.

2. Before the snow came, there was just the remnants of the previous snow: pavement icebergs and grit everywhere. Normally, the grit, when walked on, sounds like, erm, I dunno, walking on muesli or something. But there was this woman with shoes that made such a horrible grating noise, I’m surprised she didn’t just lie down and curl up into a ball shouting “I can’t take it anymore!” Her shoes on the grit made the sound of someone wearing spiked running shoes dragging their feet along a pane of glass. It was horrible. This is her:

3. Is this Honda Civic the missing sixth member of The Strokes?

4. You may well have seen these wonderful t-shirts designed by the lovely Dutch folk, Experimental Jetset. They seem quite popular, and rightly so.
So popular in fact, that an interesting thing has happened: There have been imitators. Like this Wu Tang one. And this Abba one. And these of the Wailers, Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Guns ‘N Roses. And this rather nice one for a Swiss campaign for gay rights.
There’s a lot more of these fakes and some interesting stuff to read about the original shirt and the rip-offs on the EJ website, which, if you’ve not seen it before is a great way to spend a couple of hours in typography heaven.
And to join in, here’s one I’d like to see. Can you guess the band? (Using Google is cheating.)

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January 18th, 2006 at 2:52 pm

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