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On top of trying to learn Photoshop properly, reading that big pile of books, and learning how to do the CSS stuff I need to do to make FFF an über-fantastic user experience; on top of all that, I really really want to learn how to use Adobe’s other swanky program, Illustrator. I’ve tried several times before but never get past the basics before I get annoyed with it. This is my first effort on my new learning path. I call him Mucky Mouse.

Anyway, some random stuff.
Why, on TV show title sequences, do they get specific with certain actors. Why does it say Jerry Seinfeld … Julia Louis-Dreyfus … Michael Richards … and Jason Alexander as George. Why does Jason Alexander get an as George after his name?
Does a Baby On Board sticker really make people drive more carefully behind the car with the sticker? And why does a baby deserve more consideration that a normal human? I want those stickers to be banned and replaced with Human On Board.
I wonder how much crisp grease (I mean chips, America) ends up along the seams of our trousers. After eating a few, I always swish my fingers quickly up and down the edge of my trousers to clean them. Am I doing serious harm to my wardrobe?
Could record companies please cut down on the amount of packaging on CDs? There was a time when a jewel case was enough. Now everything’s got a cardboard slip case around it, which always end up getting crushed in my pile of CDs, and that bloody polythene around it that is perculiarly annoying.
And I wonder how many tiny T-shaped bits of plastic end up lost in carpets. I’m talking about those tiny plastic tags that attach the price tag to a shirt that you have to cut off. Those things bug me.
Finally, here’s a tip: when making a tuna sandwich, add a touch of mustard. It really does make your sandwich sparkle with flavour.
God, the stuff that I need to empty my brain of is very very inane…

Written by Craig

February 16th, 2006 at 12:22 pm

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  1. I really can’t use Illustrator either. Having those two different arrow/selection modes really confuses me.

    I prefer Freehand, because it’s more obvious how to work it. But I guess Adobe are never going to update Freehand again?

    Matt Sephton

    16 Feb 06 at 13:01

  2. i prefer freehand, too.
    mucky mouse looks really cool!

    i never thought about the baby-on-board thing that way. i always thought the parents are so proud they have to tell everybody about their baby. and i thought that’s why you can buy stickers as well with “justin on board” or “jessica on board” or other horrible names. but maybe you’re right and they want everybody to be very careful around them. some years ago there were cars driving around with big “A”-stickers (for Anfänger = beginner) on them. but i guess that came out of fashion because everybody was being extra-mean around a beginner’s car.
    well, i don’t know. :)


    16 Feb 06 at 13:38

  3. wholegrain or the plain old yellow stuff?

  4. I always put a bit of mustard in my tuna salad. You’re right. It does sparkle up the flavor!

    I used Illustrator in my Cartography classes to create chorographic maps… but we had cheat-y pre-made basemaps to work from, and it’s been so long since I’ve used it that I don’t have any real tips for you. So. This comment has no other point except to say: Mustard is tasty.

    Sparkle on!


    16 Feb 06 at 14:18

  5. I can use Illustrator AND Photeeshop AND InDesign, so I am generally quite ace.
    Try adding a dash of tabasco to your tuna mayo for a fiery lunchtime treat!

    Stuart, who used to work at J17

    16 Feb 06 at 15:06

  6. I am apparently one of the few that does drive more carefully if I see a baby on board sticker. They are easier to break. They have that creepy soft spot on their little noggins.



    16 Feb 06 at 16:48

  7. Baby on board can also mean “c’mon, steal my bag which is on the passenger seat, I won’t run after you, as I won’t leave my baby alone”.
    My sister has a “Future mom on board” (=do whatever, I can’t even move)
    Although, when no one is caring about A drivers or babies, there could be “smoker on board”, or worse: “phone addict on board”. No?

    Maybe Jason Alexander is a guest actor, and as people are not used to him, they have to be told who he’s gonna stand for. It’s usually that way. And if he is no guest, than sorry I don’t know, as I don’t watch tv anyway.

    And i can’t bear tuna, it’s dry and always makes your mouth sticky, unless you drawn it into mayonnaise (which I hate too). Raw tuna in sashimi is really good though.

    That was my opinion.


    16 Feb 06 at 17:08

  8. Tori – I use yellow, but whatever you like. All mustard is good, innit? Apart from the gas.
    Becki – But you should be driving carefully anyway, and if you value the life of a child over an adult, then that’s just plain wrong. The adult might be a heart surgeon, the child might grow up to be a rapist. Or, of course, the other way around. But children aren’t more sacred than adults. I can feel my blood boiling as I type. It just really annoys me. Breathe, Craig, breathe.
    Cyril – Jason Alexander is in it every episode, so it’s not that.


    16 Feb 06 at 17:26

  9. “and Jason Alexander as George” is a way of getting round star-billing egos. Seinfield has to come first in the billing as it’s his show. But Jason Alexander is a big star too so the only way they can make it look like he has star billing is to put him at the end and highlight him and his role as if he’s something special. I think.

    Greasy crips are a great addiction but I haven’t had a bag since New Year. (But I want so badly, Walkers cheese and Onion for preference)

    I like flashy cardboard cd covers although they are a pain to get the cd out when you are driving. In return, I hate stickers on the jewel case quoting rave reviews etc. They are hell to get off.

    Spring onion with tuna sandwiches please.


    16 Feb 06 at 17:54

  10. if you put a warm wet cloth over annoying stickers on anything plastic-y (like cd cases) for a few minutes, the sticker then peels off leaving nothing behind… magic!


    16 Feb 06 at 18:42

  11. Well, if you’re impatient and you want to rip the sticker off completely, I always find that duct tape works wonders for the sticky adhesive left behind. Just be sure to rip it off quickly for best results. I also hear baby oil works too.

    Yes, and those T-shaped plastic things…argh.

    And, I can’t work with Illustrator too for some reason. (Those annoying arrows…) CSS is fairly easy to learn. ‘Course, if anyone has Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, it’s a cinch! But nothing like clean code…


    16 Feb 06 at 19:26

  12. apart from the gas – hahahaha
    cyril your baby on board comments are very funny


    16 Feb 06 at 20:24

  13. The baby on board stickers were originally intended so that if there was a wreck, emergency personnel would know that there was also a small person unconcious under a seat or (the cause of the stickers) chucked clear of the wreckage and bleeding somewhere out of sight behind some weeds.

    But, as with all things baby, it was soon usurped.

    The Big A

    16 Feb 06 at 20:38

  14. “Does a Baby On Board sticker really make people drive more carefully behind the car with the sticker? And why does a baby deserve more consideration that a normal human? I want those stickers to be banned and replaced with Human On Board.”

    When I see the “Baby on Board” thing, I almost always think “Humans on Board.”

    The reason for these stickers is that, since they have yet to experience life from a more evolved perspective, babies are more valuable than adults.

    That said, I wanted a “Baby Bored” sticker with the same design for the back of my Auto.


    17 Feb 06 at 11:04

  15. Just thought i’d share a random fact with you all… Those little T-shaped bits of plastic are called Kimble Tags (One of the few perks of having a fiance who works part-time at Gap is the wealth of pointless retail-related knowledge)


    17 Feb 06 at 18:59

  16. Have just quit sobbing watching Brokeback Mountain and is still getting that sad hicking breathing.
    Anyway, I am sooo pleased that not even you get your brain around Illustrator! I feel thick and almost autistic trying to understand it. Once I really gave it a go but had to stop when I couldn’t even erase a freaking line! So I gave up and continued to draw in Flash. Feels like I miss out on something fantastic. Illustrator just stares at me. Challenging me. Anyway, I am relieved that there is at least one more artist out there who is as lost as I am. Thanks, Craig! Though Muckey Mouse is a step ahead. In a strange way.


    17 Feb 06 at 23:22

  17. Illustrator’s great! Here’s my effort: http://www.susseddesign.com/grafs/heleninmirror.gif

    It’s CSS that I haven’t got a hope of learning.

    Simon John Parkin

    20 Feb 06 at 16:21

  18. Ever been in the car with a parent and their new baby? Believe me, driving the car is not their number one priority. Every mew, burp, fart or whimper of the kid needs to be attended to immediately.

    For this reason, I have always interpreted the Baby on Board signs to mean “Beware! I am a tired, harassed and overly attentive new parent. I will be driving my vehicle in a particularly erratic and dangerous manner as I attempt to simultaneously change a very smelly nappy/retrieve a dummy from the floor/feed my child (etc) and operate my enormous four-wheel drive at high speed.”

    So, I am more careful around Baby on Board vehicles, not to protect the baby, but rather to protect myself.


    21 Feb 06 at 04:09

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