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Argentina and eight other countries

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Back to the Atlas stuff. Nine new entries today. Argentina, Bangladesh, French Polynesia, Isle of Man, Kenya, Liechtenstein, Oman, San Marino and Vanuatu.
I apologise in advance, there’s nothing particularly funny this time. Didn’t really have my jokey head on properly, a bit like when you put the ketchup lid back on a bit wonky.
Anyway, those of you who might be following the adventures of French colonialists Jacques et Pierre might be interested to know that there are some English colonialists – James and Peter – on the seas, too; ensuring chuckles a-plenty.

Written by Craig

February 27th, 2006 at 5:49 pm

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  1. Hey Craig,

    thanks a lot for doing Argentina! But you missed out on Carlos Menem. Please check out his cool suit!

    Un abrazo



    27 Feb 06 at 18:20

  2. And what about Astor Piazzolla???

    Great piece on Oman though… That’s pure facts there.


    28 Feb 06 at 12:16

  3. Well, I thought it was funny… Jokey head on or off.


    1 Mar 06 at 10:05

  4. Hilarious, in fact. What, does that mean I have a bad taste of humour?!


    1 Mar 06 at 10:07

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