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Get fresh at the weekend

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So anyway, I had a nice weekend. I know it’s Thursday and virtually another weekend, but I’ve not really arrived back in Berlin yet in my head. I went to the UK with the girlfriend to see friends and go to an old old friend’s wedding.

Quick summary: boozing with mates, eating at Garlic and Shots (everything on the menu has garlic in it. Even the beer. No, really. It’s well tasty, too), bumming around Brighton, going on a rollercoaster in the rain, fish and chips, watching the BAFTAs on telly, buying stuff in HMV…

The wedding was the first I’ve ever been to as an adult, (either I’ve got no friends or none of my friends get married…), and it was quite enjoyable. It was in a lovely little place called Arundel, quite near to Brighton. I got to wear a suit, I saw old pals, I witnessed the bride crying as she did her vows, and I saw the groom’s mum get incredibly drunk.

Every time I go back to the UK, stuff has changed. People who I’ve never seen before are really famous, the cost of cigarettes is well over a fiver, and I feel like a lonesome freak for wondering why the hell everyone is going doolally about the Arctic Monkeys when they’re quite clearly average at best.

At least I got to continue proving my own Laws Of The Airport to be correct:
1. You will always see an African man dressed in bright clothes with a matching hat.
2. You will always see an Arab wearing the gear you see Sheikhs wearing.
3. You will always see an East European woman in a fur coat.
4. You will always see a British man wearing a cowboy hat or sombrero.
5. There will be a car on display at the airport and only men will be stood near it.
6. If you’ve eaten at a Burger King or McDonald’s in the airport, no matter how well you wash your hands, the smell will haunt your fingers on the flight.

But this time I disproved my own personal law about reading on a plane. This law is simple: it could be the best book ever ever in the world ever, but I’ll still read the complimentary Daily Mail or magazine I bought at the airport on the flight rather than the book. This time, I read my book. And boy am I enjoying it. It’s Moneyball by Michael Lewis, if you’re interested. It’s about baseball.

Since I came back from Mexico six weeks ago, I’m finding writing stuff here a bit of a slog. Not really got back in the swing of things. Hopefully that’ll change soon. I keep saying this, but I might start doing some more Ohrwurm-y stuff here, cos I used to enjoy that, and it’s a never ending topic.

The one I’ve got in my head today is The Mavericks’ song Dance The Night Away. I like this song quite a lot. I didn’t used to when it first came out, and I’d hear it all the time. But then one night, coincidentally a night out in Brighton, I’d been doing the unthinkable: dancing in a nightclub. I was in a good mood, a bit worse for wear at the end of a long sweaty night, and went into a shop to buy some water on the way back to my mate’s house and this song was being played. I was in a sufficiently good mood to start enjoying the song and believing the song’s sentiment. Yes, actually, I do want to dance the night away. Since that day, I’ve enjoyed this song. But I’ve rarely danced the night away. Maybe the song has sucked up my dancing and re-focussed it on the song. Maybe.

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February 23rd, 2006 at 4:24 pm

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  1. I don’t believe it! I live in Arundel, and I saw a guy at a wedding this weekend and thought ‘from the various bits of Craig Robinson’s face I’ve seen, I bet he could look like that guy’. It must have been you!

    Gosh, I’m all excited now :)


    23 Feb 06 at 18:27

  2. Interesting restaurant. If you’re ever in California, I recommend the Stinking Rose (www.thestinkingrose.com).


    23 Feb 06 at 18:28

  3. Cracking book ‘MoneyBall’. Totally opposite to what the Yankees do though!!!!!

  4. Ed: Do you work in the newsagents? If so, I was the one buying a Scotch egg.
    Kelly: Brilliant. I love garlic. The smell when I walked in was superb. Probably not a great idea on a hot and sweaty day, mind.
    Kevin: Absolutely. It does feel weird supporting the Chelsea of MLB…


    23 Feb 06 at 18:51

  5. I should really rise above this, but: Arctic Monkeys best band I’ve seen live bar Prince and Bob Dylan (and come to think of it Bob Dylan was a bit ropey). We ended up getting home at 3.30 am high on life etc


    23 Feb 06 at 21:10

  6. You should, Dave; I partly wrote that there to see if you’d take the bait and you did. You’re my bitch.


    23 Feb 06 at 21:15

  7. Craig: Nope, just mindin’ my own business walking down the street. Don’t remember any scotch eggs. Was it good?


    24 Feb 06 at 00:34

  8. Hey, that’s Cool!

  9. Hi Craig, I’ve read Moneyball twice now, you’ll love it, maybe you should lend it to Brian Cashman after you’re done, maybe you’ll finally win one (this century)!!!

    Justin (Lincoln)


    24 Feb 06 at 11:53

  10. wierd, I was in Berlin at the weekend and thought ‘maybe I’ll see Craig’ although obviously I wouldn’t recognise you.
    I’m a stranger to you; but that’s why I thought I’d comment, as now you know I exsist in the same way I know you exsist.

    On another note. I saw a sticker once that said ‘no baby on board but please spare my life anyway’.


    24 Feb 06 at 13:15

  11. Ed: It was a great Scotch egg, but after LFC beat MUFC, everything tasted good last weekend.
    Justin: Looking at the line up this season, it’s difficult to see the Yankees not winning it. Either that or Steinbrenner’ll be kickin’ off.
    Alexis: Hi. Even if I was in Berlin last weekend, the chances of you seeing me would be slim. I’m virtually a hermit, only ever leaving the flat to buy coffee and take Billy for a walk.


    24 Feb 06 at 13:24

  12. So! You’re in love again, eh? Then it doesn’t surprise me you’re not too keen on updating the blog every day (I have no idea what “slogging” is but I guess it has something to do with “just cannot be bothered?).
    Anyway, it’s really fun to hear all you guys “and I thought I might bump into you”. I’ve had the same thought.
    As if there is a secret bond between you Craig and us readers. Almost like a… friendship! :)


    25 Feb 06 at 11:06

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