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More Mexico

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A couple more Mexico films today. I’m not sure if these are interesting to other people or not. For some odd reason, there’s a difference looking at a Quicktime I’ve made off- or online. For example, the little film I put online yesterday seemed quite nice when I viewed it on my computer. Once it was online, though, I saw it with different eyes and realised that it’s pretty dull and only really of interest to me.
Today’s clips are probably similarly uninteresting. First there’s one of Zoomat, Tuxtla Gutiérrez’s marvellous zoo. It’s special cos it only has animals that are native to southern Mexico, so there’s no penguins wondering why the ice has been replaced by a swimming pool painted white, etc. (Quicktime, 7.7MB)
And the other film today is called Driving To Palenque (Quicktime, 5.7MB). About 60 km of roads in the middle of nowhere covered in a minute.
More of this crap tomorrow.

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February 27th, 2006 at 11:56 am

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  1. I’m currently attempting to edit down almost 4 hours of footage we shot in Newquay over new year’s into some sort of documentary-style thing. So just imagine how magnified my own feelings of video inadequacy will be when I finish that.

    I say we both keep right at it and one day Spielberg himself will say “Chaps, you’vre really taking things to the next level”.

    Nice font for the titles, by the way. What is it?


    28 Feb 06 at 02:05

  2. The font is Century Gothic.


    28 Feb 06 at 10:27

  3. I really enjoyed Driving To Palenque.


    28 Feb 06 at 20:32

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