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Rain or shine

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Aaah, I’m enjoying doing this stuff… Today on the FFF Pictorial Atlas there’s entries for Brunei, Comoros, Lesotho, Montserrat, Central African Republic, Switzerland and Serbia & Montenegro. There’s one thing in the Brunei entry that is such a good joke, but, sadly, it’s not one of mine: it’s a real actual proper fact. And apologies to the Swiss: I’m just muckin’ around, honest.
Today, for some reason, I’ve got Rain Or Shine by Five Star stuck in my head. Not heard that song for blooming ages, but I seem to remember most of the lyrics, especially the slightly odd lines, “Do I am love you/yes I do do”. I used to like them when I was a teenager. Got both the Luxury Of Life and Silk & Steel albums. And Doris was my favourite. She was lovely. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s probably for the best.

Written by Craig

February 4th, 2006 at 6:32 pm

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  1. Thankfully, we all love you doing it too.

    I’ve not heard of five star, it was a bit pre-me. The first record I ever bought was, embarrasingly, Now 31 (or something like that) because it had ‘Ooh Ah, Just a little bit’ by something called Gina G on it. For a reason I’ve yet to understand, Dismemerment Plan’s ‘Memory Machine’ reminds me of it, even tho the two pieces have absolutelly nothing in common.

    I did once see a boat called Booby, but I think it was unintentional.


    5 Feb 06 at 14:20

  2. Nice additions to the Atlas Craig!

    I can remember being crazy about Pepsi and Shirlie at that time…
    Shame on me…

    (If I’m remembering right they were the 80s version of Vicky Pollard)

    frans theunisz

    5 Feb 06 at 16:43

  3. try ohrwurming again from time to time – was always fun




    6 Feb 06 at 07:35

  4. over the weekend I was sorting through some boxes that have been in the corner of my dining room since I moved into my house, three years ago. spookily enough I found my “5Star Folder” from more than 15 years ago, full of posters and pages ripped from Smash Hits (RIP) and Look-In. I was in love with Steadman at the time (have you seen him now though? *shudder*), and wanted Lorraine as my best friend!

    I made the heartwrenching decision to dump it all in the recycling bag.

    “cut me a heart on a tree and say it’s forever not a year and a day”


    6 Feb 06 at 20:40

  5. Steadman designed all the sparkly suits didnt he?


    7 Feb 06 at 00:17

  6. Just a wee note (we say ‘wee’ in Scotland instead of small) to ask what is going on with the map of the UK? Scotland is about 5 times the size of how you have it.

    I have enclosed an actual version of how it should look here.


    7 Feb 06 at 11:31

  7. It’s. A. Joke.
    I would’ve thought that was obvious from the position of Wales on my map…


    7 Feb 06 at 11:35

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