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About ten years ago, when I was having a little crisis in my life, I was finding it difficult to get to sleep. One night I began imagining my own little village (more about that here). And I’ve often imagined being the ruler of my own nation. A nation where graffiti ‘artists’ are punished severely, where shopkeepers and cashiers are bound by law to be helpful and friendly… your basic run-of-the-mill dictatorship, really. Now those fantasies have taken on a visual form.

I was asked to do something new for Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant‘s Oog section. You may remember the On This Day stuff (Dutch / English) I did for them back in November.
This time I made The Kingdom of Robinsonian Antarctica, or Robinsonia for short. A nation where I am King Craig I. Hurrah!

Aside from the rampaging ego apparent in my desire to be a king, it was kinda inspired by those adverts promoting Wales you see on British Airways flights before the films begin. When doing some research for the FFF Pictorial Atlas, I found out that the only land on Earth not claimed by any country is between 90 and 150 degrees west in Antarctica.

That land was calling me. It was saying, ‘Come here, Craig, and build a nation!’ That nation is Robinsonia. Please come visit.

Written by Craig

February 7th, 2006 at 12:30 pm

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  1. A guy in the UK started his own country in his flat… He called his country Lovely, though. I think Robinsonia is much more inspired!

    Anyway, as always, Wikipedia’s got it covered:

  2. got oil then huh? best be careful there

    random question – when you link back to archives like you did at the top, is it possible for the archives to show the old design of the G site? I think that would be nice. Or does it automatically update it to the new template/wotsit?


    7 Feb 06 at 13:36

  3. It’s a template wotsit, Dave.
    Tori, I want to see that now. I like Sealand


    7 Feb 06 at 13:49

  4. Hehe…Ill be a citizen, where do I sign? Oh and can I have a ministerial post?

    Failing that some sort of Official but powerless title? Lord Lee of Icesheet 3699?
    Or a new town just outside the gates of Hykeham? Little Lee on Ice we could call it. For the migrant workers? Obviously ran on good English lines though. Ahem.

    This dictatorship / power-mad-egomania thing really catches fire easily doesnt it? And in such a cold climate too!

    Did I mention I hate hot weather?

    Lee Jenkins

    7 Feb 06 at 13:57

  5. That huge ad you did in the online newspaper for your own country was way neat! I liked it. So detailed to look at.


    Andrew Kopietz

    7 Feb 06 at 14:24

  6. heh, this was kind of funny so i did a tiny comparison:


    andrew Kopietz

    7 Feb 06 at 14:45

  7. He calls himself a king, but where’s his sword and his white gloves, eh?
    Pfff, amateur…


    7 Feb 06 at 14:59

  8. I love how you made a nice and jolly ad figure out of the blueprint of those teeth manekins you painted a while ago (when not in a good mood I have to assume). I like them much better now – they scared me before.
    Very elaborate stuff for a phantasy. I like it a lot!




    7 Feb 06 at 16:59

  9. All hail King Craig and his trusty hound!

    Is that Sadam on the left of the little green men?


    7 Feb 06 at 17:09

  10. Reminds me of Jazzie B’s fantasy ‘Planet Ard’ whose capital city, Kanu-diggus, consists of constant all-night partying! (I’m tired just thinking about it!)

    How about owning your own planet then?!

    Simon John Parkin

    7 Feb 06 at 17:49

  11. Ooh, Sealand – that’s not too far away from where I live… I might go and visit! That’s so funny. Prince Roy. Excellent name!

    Oh, and the programme about starting your own country is coming out on DVD soon I think:

  12. I’m onto something Craig!

    Don’t trust Hiddink: he’s slowly moving towards the southpole… Korea, Australia, Robinsonia…

    I love it, esp. the PetrOb add!!!

    frans theunisz

    7 Feb 06 at 18:44

  13. Which football confedertion would Robinsonia play in?

    Confédération Africaine de Football?
    Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol?
    Oceania Football Confederation?

    Whichever way you go, you might have to put up with being a minnow for a while, as you slowly work on that coefficiency rating. Or something.


    12 Feb 06 at 12:14

  14. I’d hope to be part of Oceania, football-wise. If Australia’s the best they’ve got, then Robinsonia has a good chance of not being minnows for too long.


    12 Feb 06 at 13:25

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