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I realised when I was updating my portfolio that a lot of you might not have seen the adverts for Yahoo! Music that I worked on. There’s five of them now. Scripted by the lovely people at Ogilvy in New York, animated by the lovely people at Nexus in London, drawn by the me at my desk in Berlin.
Here they are: Missy Elliott, Green Day, the UFO one, sweet and lovely Shakira, and Pharrell.
Hope you like.

Written by Craig

February 10th, 2006 at 9:40 am

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  1. wow. das ist der gut stuff innit


    10 Feb 06 at 10:24

  2. ROFLMAO, the UFO one is hilarious!!


    10 Feb 06 at 10:32

  3. Me like, yes! Me like so much my poor laptop was sprayed with bursting laugh. Brilliant!


    10 Feb 06 at 12:46

  4. I really like Missy Elliot’s pitch and the UFO one. They’re quite funny!

    Andrew Kopietz

    10 Feb 06 at 12:56

  5. The octopus is soo cute!
    Cudgel swinging shakira is a blueprint
    for modern ladies emancipation.
    Craig, you make the world a better place ))
    Rock on


    10 Feb 06 at 13:55

  6. Good golly, they are very good aren’t they?

    Simon Who Went Swimming And Who Likes Cherry Coke

    10 Feb 06 at 17:50

  7. I caught a glimpse of the Yahoo! commercial during the Grammy Awards this week here in the States. Shakira was awfully cute…


    11 Feb 06 at 06:53

  8. hmmm my comment didn’t come through…

    Just wanted to tell you that the ufo clip is hilarious! the accordion player had me rolling on the floor!!!

    great job Craig (and others of course)


    11 Feb 06 at 11:02

  9. They are really great, Craig. I wish my company would’ve asked you as well to do something for them.


    11 Feb 06 at 14:00

  10. How did you start off with the Yahoo clips? Did you have meetings where you brainstormed? Did they give you free hands from the very beginning? Did they constrict your work in any way? How did you come up with the end result. You must have had so much fun thinking “Hmm… I could use an UFO… and maybe an octopus… yeah… that would work…”. As usual I’d love to pick your brain when you’re in the flow.



    11 Feb 06 at 21:06

  11. I am in awe…by far the best use of pixels i’ve seen to date.


    12 Feb 06 at 00:30

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