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A bench

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In October 2003, I was sat in the waiting room at my eye doctor’s surgery and started scribbling notes about a story about a bench. I scribbled some more notes on the U-bahn journey back to my flat. That night, I did a few quick drawings in Photoshop:

The next day I draw a background and thought about the story a bit more:

Something else came up, and this bench story got put to one side. About a year ago, I did some more work on the background, but not much else. So it’s with no small amount of pleasure and relief that I’ve actually done it now. I changed the shape of the characters, made them a bit more human-shaped; I tinkered with the story a little, too. On the whole, though, it looks pretty much how I imagined it would two and a half years ago.

So here it is: A Bench.

Written by Craig

March 30th, 2006 at 11:56 am

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  1. I really really like that.

  2. Man, that’s lovely.

    I’m just going to totally spoil the modd now by mentioning that “he doesn’t feel whole without her” possibly turns into a rude pun when read aloud.

    And now to veer completely off-topic,, you like made-up places, right?


    All I have to do now is tell you that you suck, and we’ll have thw WORST COMMENT EVAR.


    30 Mar 06 at 14:06

  3. Craig, I can’t believe how talented you are and how wide the range of your talents is. Thanks for this one.


    30 Mar 06 at 14:13

  4. i loved that.


    30 Mar 06 at 15:33

  5. That could be the basis of a film I think (I think in films). Quirky.

  6. Craig that is genius. So incredibly human, really simple but far richer that it seems at first. I think you have excelled yourself. I loved it.

    Ian Mac

    30 Mar 06 at 19:04

  7. Great work! I think it’s very charming and I rather like it a lot :)


    30 Mar 06 at 20:41

  8. That’s beautiful Craig…


    30 Mar 06 at 21:17

  9. Yeah, nice one!!! ;-)
    (i was very glad, there was something new to read, as I already have read the Slipy,wilde or free about 15 times :-)))


    31 Mar 06 at 12:01

  10. Ahh! That’s a really nice tale.

    Simon John Parkin

    31 Mar 06 at 15:01

  11. what a lovely story. thank you.


    31 Mar 06 at 15:07

  12. Thank you all. Such lovely comments. *bows and blows kisses*


    31 Mar 06 at 22:13

  13. wow. that was so ace i came here to tell you so. lovely. well done!

    Chris Johnston

    1 Apr 06 at 04:56

  14. Naaaw, such a lovely piece! A complete novel in a few pictures. The park must be Swiss, so neat and tidy. ;)

    I just join the choir – you’re simply the best.


    2 Apr 06 at 11:04

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