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A bit of light blasphemy

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I’m not sure how many of you can see the Quicktimes films I occasionally put up here cos they never seem to get as many comments as other stuff; either that or, 1. you can’t be bothered to look at them, or 2. you think they’re rubbish.
Anyway, another one today. This one is called On God’s Earth (14MB, Quicktime). It’s the director’s commentary on a film about our planet, by the Creator himself.

Written by Craig

March 22nd, 2006 at 9:05 am

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  1. Dear Craig!

    I guess that mabye a lot of us sit on computers at work and take little precious moments of our bee-like work day to sit and distract our worn minds with your fabulous musings…
    It is certainly my way of flipflopflying… there is one itch: my computer is in a well protected network (not allowing installation of program files) and I just cannot watch your clips (wchich bugs me no end) – so no comments there…
    By the time I’m homa and close to my beloved Mac, I spend my time wich my son and wife. I go back and have a look at the movies later (sometimes weeks) – and there is no use commenting then…

    I’m not suggesting making the files also available for Microsoft Media Player (never give in)…
    I just wanted to explain…




    22 Mar 06 at 09:28

  2. Thanks Alex. I just worry sometimes that, living in a Mac world, I might be making stuff that only 5% of you can see!


    22 Mar 06 at 09:32

  3. Well Craig, I have no problems seeing your stuff on my pc… On FFF or on other sites ;)

    Is it god that hates the Dutch or Bertrand? I guess we had it coming…

    I’ve always wanted to hear audio comments on this guy’s work. Quite shocking to find out the cinematographer is German though…
    “I suggest zyou do that again God, it’s not quite up to my DIN schtandards!”


    22 Mar 06 at 10:43

  4. It’s Dieter who hates the Dutch, but y’know, when it comes to football, the Dutch aren’t too keen on the Germans either, are you?


    22 Mar 06 at 10:45

  5. I think Rudi Völler can answer that question better than me…


    22 Mar 06 at 10:51

  6. Very wonderful stuff Craig, you are always good for a daily smile.


    22 Mar 06 at 11:35

  7. And on media players: I don’t have a Mac because it doesn’t support the software I need for work, but what’s wrong with downloading QuickTime Player to your PC? I must be missing something here.


    22 Mar 06 at 11:38

  8. Craig,

    I thought that was tip, and might I add, top. Good show, and thanks for sharing.


    22 Mar 06 at 12:33

  9. dear impa!

    Nothing wrong with downloading quicktime players – if the network allows that – we live in high-security land at work – so no program is installed without going through a central IT check – paranoid guys, ain’t they?




    22 Mar 06 at 13:17

  10. Hi Alex,
    No, I understand that. I think my response rather followed Craig’s worries about only reaching 5% of people. The other 95% shouldn’t have to miss Craig’s works of wonder.


    22 Mar 06 at 13:52

  11. Craig, have you remembered yet?


    22 Mar 06 at 13:54

  12. No, I haven’t. It’s pretty annoying!


    22 Mar 06 at 13:57

  13. As someone who regularly checks in to see what you’ve been up to, but never comments, I’d just say keep up the quicktime – even though I can’t look at the files due to similar work restrictions on quicktime on my PC, I’m a mac person at home and at heart, so just keep doing what you do. I invariably get a smile or a good link out of your stuff, so thanks!



    22 Mar 06 at 16:32

  14. Mersey Derby – need I say anymore

    The Jolly Brewer

    22 Mar 06 at 18:44

  15. Not yet, you need’nt; you can save your congratulations ’til after Liverpool have won.


    22 Mar 06 at 19:08

  16. Extra awesome video! Jesus, I had no idea you were so good at accents! And I don’t mean “Jesus” as in I’m calling you Jesus (God, etc.) , I mean it more like, “Wow.”

    Maybe the thing you meant to remember was to do an homage to your dearly departed (not in that sense yet) friend, with whom you may just rock the house in NYC next month.

    Jesus (see above), I should perhaps be writing you an actual direct E-mail, rather than blathering on and on in your blog comments space.

    Aw, fuck it.



    22 Mar 06 at 22:43

  17. Thanks, Del.
    I can do two accents: God and comedy German. You heard them both.
    I don’t think the thing I had to remember was that, cos I’ve more or less forgotten who you are.
    We should sort out tickets for Yankees vs Orioles, huh?
    See, you got me at it now; this should be an email…


    23 Mar 06 at 00:06

  18. QuickTime rocks.

    That Bergkamp goal was the coolest. Me and my dad had a few goes at re-creating it on the beach in France that summer. We weren’t entirely successful, but it was well worth it.


    25 Mar 06 at 20:25

  19. Haaa! Smiled from ear to ear and tried to keep the laughter inside since I’m in a huge office space.

    Do not – even for a second – deprive us from those little beautiful movies. I need them. Especially since they have that low-key hilarious twist.

    BTW, your voice is so sexy. =)


    27 Mar 06 at 15:57

  20. Ok, I meant the God-voice.


    27 Mar 06 at 15:58

  21. Paul – Yes, I think it’s a shame that it was kinda under-recognised as amazing in England cos of Owen’s goal grabbing the headlines.

    Elisabeth – Why, thank you. I’ll pass on your compliments to God the next to I channel his voice.


    27 Mar 06 at 16:37

  22. nice one! ha ha, the music has probably been very carefully chosen!


    29 Mar 06 at 14:53

  23. by God, I mean!


    30 Mar 06 at 10:52

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