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A zoo for you but no kangaroo

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Witham and Woodhall are back with a new venture today. They’ve taken in abused and neglected teddy bears, dusted them down, given them some sessions with a counsellor, and got them dressed up to star in… Witham and Woodhall’s Bruised Teddy Bear Zoo. I’ve quite enjoyed making this stuff, which is pretty good, cos I’m not really enjoying much FFF stuff at the moment. Perhaps this is the thing that might spark a revival in my head.

While I’m here, I might as well promote myself a bit and mention an interview I did with Submarine Channel (the people who’re paying me to do the Valley Of The Cnuties stuff).

Written by Craig

March 16th, 2006 at 11:07 pm

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  1. This zoo actually exists in the Netherlands. http://www.alertis.nl/default.asp?index=99&menu;=27


    17 Mar 06 at 10:36

  2. Oh I really loved this one…
    There’s even cameos of C+B in it!

    Have a nice weekend Craig (and Billy)


    17 Mar 06 at 14:37

  3. Love this. If you’re feeling uninspired by FFF at the moment, why not develope some of those lovely ideas you had sitting deep in your hard drive that you showed us a while back? Changing the subject slightly, seeing as you must’ve drawn every frame for the yahoo! music ads, why were you not the animator?


    17 Mar 06 at 17:06

  4. What I’m trying to do is get some rhythm by doing things alternately. So first some Minipops, Normalpops, a W&W; thing, an Atlas update, an Arthur, etc etc. And within that cycle I wanna include one new one-off thing each time. But what throws me off that cycle is I totally have to be in the mood to do stuff like the Atlas.

    Re: Yahoo! stuff. I only drew some characters and backgrounds. Occassionally doing a keyframe pose here and there, but the animation was entirely the work of Nexus.


    17 Mar 06 at 17:59

  5. How… on… earth… did you come up with the idea of little abused teddybears dressing up in different animals? I mean… well, it’s brilliant. As usual.


    17 Mar 06 at 22:15

  6. I’m not sure, the name came before anything else, I think.
    I remember doodling a teddy bear in a dress shirt and tuxedo, so there’s probably a link there to a bear dressing up like a penguin…


    17 Mar 06 at 22:22

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