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Blues follow-up

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Of the possible follow-ups to the last post, this is the one I’ve gone for.

Country, house and jungle.

Written by Craig

March 7th, 2006 at 12:39 pm

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  1. Music!


    7 Mar 06 at 14:48

  2. Is that the house you grew up in? I can almost here the music coming through the open window!!!!

    The Jolly Brewer

    7 Mar 06 at 18:57

  3. It is. My bedroom was the one above the car.


    7 Mar 06 at 19:06

  4. Ha! Very good.

  5. Have those windows of the bedrooms been altered? They were smaller before weren’t they???


    8 Mar 06 at 20:25

  6. The windows have been changed, yes, but they’re the same size overall. how do you know this, b7b? Who are you?


    8 Mar 06 at 20:52

  7. Is b7b bluffing? Deducting possible previous window size from the black thingies on top (in case of the middle window the same breadth as the window) and trying to read something into the colour of the bricks underneath the window sills? Or could b7b be that long lost childhood sweetheart you never thought you’d hear from again?


    8 Mar 06 at 21:11

  8. Good point, Impa.
    As it happens, the house – before it was a home – used to be a small village police station.


    8 Mar 06 at 21:14

  9. Country – previous police station – jungle. How does it all tie in? Don’t keep us in the dark… (or rather, Heart of darkness)


    8 Mar 06 at 21:21

  10. well, that’d be my architects eye I think…
    The little frieze just under the gutter gave it away…

    greetings from frans theunisz aka b7b


    8 Mar 06 at 22:26

  11. sorry to screw up your romantic wonderings impa…


    8 Mar 06 at 22:29

  12. Yes, frieze. The thing I called black thingy. That would be my architecturally inadequate vocabulary.


    8 Mar 06 at 22:39

  13. There I go again: It should probably be ‘architectonically’. Which proves my point.


    8 Mar 06 at 22:43

  14. I wouldn’t notice impa, being dutch-speaking… did I ruin your (or craig’s) fantasy of long-lost childhood romance??? should’ve kept quiet maybe.


    8 Mar 06 at 22:47

  15. No, don’t worry, I kinda assumed you were a mate of mine from Lincoln who occasionally posts comments under random names.
    I wish I knew what the old police station actually looked like architecturallismically.


    8 Mar 06 at 23:02

  16. I am sure you should be able to find it on an old photograph somewhere. Have you tried Google? There are millions of old photographs available on the net. An interesting challenge, actually.


    8 Mar 06 at 23:12

  17. Not found any online, but here’s a website about my home town, .


    8 Mar 06 at 23:29

  18. North Hykeham

    For some reason blogger chopped out my words in the previous comment and replaced them with a dot.


    8 Mar 06 at 23:35

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