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Not the hummingbird

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They say a change is as good as a rest. I need both. I’m gonna have to wait another month before I can have a rest, so I’ve changed the way I work and live. I am virtually a hermit. I’m really not exaggerating. And I’m not talking about this type of hermit. Aside from taking Billy out and buying groceries, I live my whole life in this flat. For reasons I’m not going into here, I’d moved my bed into my office in the latter half of last year. I’d intended to eventually move it back into the other room, but it never happened. And the walls closed in. And my life got smaller and smaller. It got too much a couple of days ago, so I changed things. I moved all my office stuff into the spare room. This has lifted the clouds slightly, and I feel a bit better knowing that there’s a room with no work stuff in it, where I can just sleep and watch TV. (Plus I’ve banned myself from smoking in the bedroom, so I don’t sleep and wake up in a cigarette fog.) I’m still a hermit, but a hermit with an extra option.
Here’s a picture of my new office room.
Have a good weekend.

Written by Craig

March 10th, 2006 at 4:15 pm

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  1. Nice! I envy your dog, he looks class.


    10 Mar 06 at 17:44

  2. hello billy, long time no see. miss ya!


    10 Mar 06 at 19:01

  3. Craig, what about your partner?


    10 Mar 06 at 23:46

  4. and there’s pinkboy and his friend too! nice office craig!


    10 Mar 06 at 23:46

  5. oh and craig, careful placing those empty cds near the window…
    nice weekend craig and billy!


    11 Mar 06 at 08:49

  6. You make living like a hermit sounds sad.


    11 Mar 06 at 15:48

  7. Nice couch!



    12 Mar 06 at 14:07

  8. Kes

    12 Mar 06 at 19:34

  9. Have you ever done a ‘pop of a hermit?


    13 Mar 06 at 13:58

  10. don’t be sad, it’s us out here, writing to you, sharing your life, enjoying your work (a lot!!!)


    13 Mar 06 at 19:10

  11. I know the feeling! for me after 7 years of working like that ,its time to move to an atelier-building with real people close by…(not to close,the next rooms).maybe that would be good for you too?


    13 Mar 06 at 20:32

  12. That does work, you know. Your own studio or office space gets you out of the house (physically as well as mentally, if you see what I mean) and see some faces but still gives you the chance to run your own business and do your own thing. It also clears your home of work, which gives you space to breathe there too. The people in my building are all semi-artistic in some way, so they are inspiring as well. And you could still be working from both places on your laptop. It works for me. Unclogs the spirit.


    14 Mar 06 at 09:42

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