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Slippy, wild or free?

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I was born 12,971 days ago.

But was I born:

… In The USA?
Nope. Born in the UK, in the harsh badlands of Lincolnshire, livin’ life in the ghetto, on the streets of North Hykeham.

… On The Bayou?
Like I said: Lincolnshire.

… Again?

… Slippy?
Oh yes. Slippy and attached to placenta.

… To Be Wild?
Not in the slightest.

… To Run?
Again, no; I was born to get the bus.

… Under A Bad Sign?
Is Virgo a bad sign?

… Free?
Depends on your definition of free, I guess. As a citizen of the United Kingdom and resident in Germany I have freedom to a certain extent. And, of course, my brain stops me doing things that I might want to do because it gets all embarrassed.

… To Make You Happy?
See Flip Flop Flyin’ and make up your own mind.

Written by Craig

March 28th, 2006 at 10:13 am

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  1. Hahaha!


    28 Mar 06 at 11:14

  2. It’s true!

  3. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that you were born to make me happy, but you make me smile almost every day, at least for a short while.


    28 Mar 06 at 18:02

  4. I’m quite glad about that, cos if I was born to make everyone who visits FFF happy, I’d be busier than Father Christmas.


    28 Mar 06 at 18:05

  5. … To be alive?

    I see spandex, I see illuminated dance floors, I see groovy glasses with curly straws.

    Sorry Craig.


    28 Mar 06 at 18:05

  6. Happy Birthday, sir!


    28 Mar 06 at 21:17

  7. Good one!


    …born in the 50s
    …a girl
    not quite as close
    …to kill
    …under a wanderin’ star
    sonds good
    …of pain?
    Ok I’ll stop

    Love the spandex vision of craig (sorry Craig)



    Happy B-Day? – Happy B-Day!


    29 Mar 06 at 18:07

  8. Oh, it’s not my birthday. I just decided to add up how many days I’ve been alive. 12,972 if I make it through today.


    29 Mar 06 at 18:09

  9. “… to love you?”

    No, I didn’t make a pass but that was the only song left!

    And as a Virgo I guess you still have half a year before you’re oooold. =)


    29 Mar 06 at 20:48

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