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Some new ‘pops

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Good Morning. I’m throwing myself into my work at the moment, just wanna sit here and draw all day cos it keeps the demons satiated. So there’s some new Minipops and Normalpops for you to look at.
New Minipops are mainly TV and film stuff, including a bunch from the super BBC series The Mighty Boosh.
The Normalpops are all over the place: a showjumper, a Muslim woman, a Golf Sale chap, a stripper, a stereotype of a Frenchman, a Mevlevi ‘Whirling Dervish’ (above), and a Cheesehead (Green Bay Packers fan).
Hope you enjoy.

Written by Craig

March 9th, 2006 at 11:11 am

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  1. Why not make a mobile-game with your minipops? Feels like they could be inhabitants in a very small, virtual, mobile world.

    Ah, those demons… They can really keep you occupied with the most boring job. Like mine at the moment. All politics and no fun.


    9 Mar 06 at 11:39

  2. BTW, the click click click here-link is broken in the Minipop-page…


    9 Mar 06 at 11:50

  3. 1. Minipops on mobile phones? Maybe. A game? No. I know it sounds like I’m up myself, but I don’t see My Minipops Art as merely a game to keep bored teenagers happy on the bus to school. Phones are for making telephone calls.
    2. Thanks. Link fixed. Just a request: if anyone notices stuff like that – broken links and such – could you email me not post comments about them here. Thanks.


    9 Mar 06 at 12:01

  4. Mucho likeo. Hey have you seen these new pixel blocks you can buy? You could turn your minipops 2D art into 3D sculpture!

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