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Special editions

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Why it is, I don’t know, but lately I’ve become a little bit obsessed with the stickers on the side of cars that indicate that they are some sort of special edition: This isn’t an ordinary Golf, oh no, it’s a Bon Jovi Golf. Anyway, last Sunday when I took Billy for a walk, I took a couple of photos of these stickers. The next day I took some more. Yesterday, I took my 50th photo. All of them within ten minutes walk from my front door. I present them to you now: Special Editions.

Written by Craig

March 24th, 2006 at 2:55 pm

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  1. Two of those (maybe more) could only , as some Americans say, ‘fly’ in Germany. Bon Jovi and Rolling Stones cars! You be laughed out of the car park round here….


    24 Mar 06 at 15:31

  2. love the reflection of you (and your adidas superstars) taking the picture in most of the photos. :)


    24 Mar 06 at 15:37

  3. Fear not, Lee, I laughed at those cars when I took the photos. There’s something so grubby about Bon Jovi, Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones doing that, isn’t there? Whatever image of reptilian rock ‘n’ roll cool Keith Richards projects, he still said yes to his band’s name being on the side of a fucking VW Golf.


    24 Mar 06 at 16:42

  4. What bothers me more, is the number of silver cars on the roads today. It’s frightening – they’re taking over the world!

    Which reminds me, all police cars in London (and the whole UK?) are now silver as they keep their value better when they come to be sold on. They used to be white, and didn’t sell so well.

    Finally, my unusual attraction is for old rubber button remote controls. Such as this: http://tinyurl.com/nctkg


    Matt Sephton

    24 Mar 06 at 17:11

  5. In Berlin too. Silver and ugly green police cars. Disgusting looking things.

    That URL no worky, son.


    24 Mar 06 at 17:14

  6. My personal fav? “Teen Spot.” Hee!

    Seriously, who would willingly buy that?

    No, wait, I’ve answered my own question: the parents of a teen, thinking it to be quite hip. The teen, on the other hand, would undoubtedly say, “Daaaaaaad!!! What is that?? Ew! I will NOT drive this.” And that’s why I imagine most “Teen Spot” edition vehicles would ultimately end up being driven by middle-aged men.

    At least, that’s what would happen in the States…


    24 Mar 06 at 17:38

  7. Do you remember your first Adidas trainees? I prefer ‘Stan Smiths’ myself – can’t beat em

    The Jolly Brewer

    24 Mar 06 at 18:31

  8. My first Superstars? Yes, very clearly. I bought them in 1990 in Nottingham. I’m on my fifth pair now. When one wears out, I buy a new pair. Always white with red stripes. The trainers of kings.

    Jessica: nice observation! And the parents will chat in bed later that night, wondering what they’d done to raise such an ungrateful child, while in the next room the teen is chuntering on the phone about his/her embarrassing new car.


    24 Mar 06 at 18:36

  9. My first pair of ‘Stan Smiths’ were ‘imported’ from Germany, long before the High Street stores started selling them en masse. Anyhoo, my latest pair will be standing in the Anfield Road End tommorrow at about 12.45

    The Jolly Brewer

    24 Mar 06 at 18:42

  10. I assume that’s you, Arnott? Don’t worry, son, your Stan Smiths’ll be washed by the waves of blue nose tears come final whistle.


    24 Mar 06 at 18:45

  11. The most digusting one is:

    Matching font-styles/heights/spacing-etc.?? Naaaa, that’d be too boring…


    24 Mar 06 at 19:02

  12. I love the fact that you sorted (is that the right word?) the pictures by the colour of the cars.


    25 Mar 06 at 19:44

  13. What if I buy a second-hand Bon Jovi car?
    And what if the sticker doesn’t peel off?
    What I am supposed to do?


    25 Mar 06 at 23:02

  14. Leen – Thank you.
    Kes – I guess you’re buggered.


    26 Mar 06 at 13:35

  15. Matt’s URL works with me. And it automatically turns into this: http://replacementremotes.com/store/images/8650-EO___SCI_ATLANTA.jpg

    Can you see that?

    Funny to recognise one of the car stickers from an old boyfriend’s car. Didn’t like it even then.


    26 Mar 06 at 18:57

  16. I am so sad I could probably tell you the names of all the cars. My favourite ‘special’ edition was a friend’s old Vauxhall Nova ‘Sting’

    Special editions are usually a sneaky way of getting rid of cars in the run up to a new model launch. Fit brightly coloured seatbelts and electric windows on then slap a silly name on the side.


    27 Mar 06 at 00:59

  17. And you don’t look a month older than the scout-age-picture we saw earlier.


    As a non-driving person I couldn’t care less about car-stickers. Sorry. And oh, by the way, in Stockholm we still live in the firm belief there will never be anoter spring. Cold, so cold, so harsh, so goddamn snowy and gloomy.


    27 Mar 06 at 16:24

  18. Hi. In google images there is not a single image of an adidas stan smith with red stripes. Just blues and whites.


    30 Mar 06 at 05:53

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