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I woke up this morning to find it was an hour later than I thought it would be. Were it not for my computer automatically re-setting itself to European Summer Time, I doubt I would have found out for days. But it means that spring is kinda officially here. And it’s beginning to become obvious from the weather too. At least it was until it began raining yesterday morning (it’s still raining now).

On Friday, I could smell smoke. Not my own cigarette’s smoke; real, proper, something’s-burning smoke. I dunno where the smoke’s was coming from, but I knew it existed cos the weather was nice enough to have the window open and I could smell the smoke. So, after nearly five months of winter, the end of the tunnel seems to be just a few yards away. For some reason it’s been a particularly rough winter. Probably absolutely nothing to do with this huge climate change myth, eh?

Anyway, my first Berlin winter was an adventure, cos I’d not really known sustained periods of snow in England. Each winter since then has ground me down further and further. This winter has seen me retreat from life completely and cocoon myself in central heating. It doesn’t help that I want to permanently leave Berlin as soon as I can sort it out, the winter only carves those feeling deeper into my brain.

I’ve cleared my desktop of all outstanding work in the last week. No new projects to do, so in a week or so I’ll be going on holiday to New York. By the time I get back, spring should be in full flow. And, hopefully, I’ll come back with a new lease of life, cos my brain has been toying with me of late, making me feel things I don’t wanna feel, making me blue. But it’s been nice to not wear gloves when I’m outside this last few days. Strange how a little thing like that can make life more palatable, huh?

And I don’t think I’m alone. Berlin stretches its limbs and sips a latté on the pavement when the sun comes out. That’s the first sign of spring here: restaurant owners diving into their cellars to get the extra chairs and tables to put out on the street.

People seem to have a spring in their step. There seems to be a massive sense of joy that the winter is nearly over, and this is evident in what I see as I walk around the park with Billy. I’ve seen two seperate, seemingly normal people singing out loud; hordes of people outside a local ice cream shop; some middle-aged twins roller blading; a man flying a massive kite; a man practicing his fighting moves with a big stick (not sure what it’s called, but it was like you’d see in a martial arts film); and, as a way to perfectly describe the joy of spring, I saw these three primary colour-wearing people hanging out behind a basketball arena.

The contrast between behaviour now and a couple of weeks ago, when the streets were still covered with snow can be best summed up with these two examples. Back then, in the Ice Age, I was walking Billy and this woman was walking towards us. As we were about to pass each other, she spat in Billy’s direction – she missed, thankfully – and began shouting at us: Fotze! Fotze! (the English translation is an anagram of ‘cnutie’ without the I and E). She went on to rant about dog owners and dog poo everywhere. She was loopy. But a couple of days ago, I was cleaning up Billy’s mess, and a little boy looked at me and said Danke. That was nice.

So, spring is here. Hurrah for that. And the goodness of that is only heightened by Liverpool beating Everton. Not only did they beat them by playing most of the game with 10 men after Steven Gerrard was sent off, but Everton’s ex-Manchester United player scored an own goal. Not only that, but he’s also Barry Neville’s brother. Ha! Couldn’t be better.

There is, of course, a black lining to this springtime silver cloud: tis now the season for hippies to play their damned bongos in the park.

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March 26th, 2006 at 1:29 pm

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  1. Love the story of the little boy saying Danke…
    That’s the beginning of spring.


    26 Mar 06 at 14:03

  2. I totally missed summertime beginning this morning and was only reminded by my computer as well.

    However, I would have found out by 2pm, as my family would have rung to see why I hadn’t arrived for the mother’s day celebrations.


    27 Mar 06 at 00:27

  3. Yeh, I forgot about the whole time thing as well. But was on that time anyway after being on hol in France last week. And that’s really not very interesting for you is it! Ah well, here I am again…

  4. Dear Craig,

    I just got a new bongo! Want to meet me down at the park for a ‘jam’?

    Berlin Hippie


    27 Mar 06 at 19:29

  5. Why do you want to leave Berlin? I thought you loved it there.


    27 Mar 06 at 22:14

  6. Where will you go?

  7. If I can get a visa to live there, I’ll go the the US.
    If not, well, the list is endless: Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, I could try for a Canadian visa, too…


    28 Mar 06 at 10:11

  8. The world is your oyster, etc, etc… How difficult is it to get a visa to live in the US? I’d like to work there for a bit, but I haven’t got a clue about stuff like that…

  9. Well, it seems like it won’t be too easy. Because I’m self-employed I have to be able to prove to the US govt that I will support myself when I’m there, thus I have to prove that I’m sufficiently talented to do so.


    29 Mar 06 at 10:33

  10. Easy peasy! Books… MTV Music Awards… Websites… no worries! Where in Americana would you go?

  11. Texas.


    29 Mar 06 at 13:11

  12. Really? With all that poofy hair (said in a Daryl Hannah ‘Steel Magnolia’ stylee)?

  13. When are you coming to NYC? Do you ever meet up with fans????


    2 Apr 06 at 17:13

  14. Depends on if you’re a mental case, really…


    2 Apr 06 at 17:59

  15. Well I don’t think I’m a mental case. I’d be glad to stand you a pint somewhere, too while you’re here, to pay you back for all the pleasure I’ve had from the minipops…


    3 Apr 06 at 18:45

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