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Busy day

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So, day three of my trip. Quite a busy one. I met up with a guy via craigslist who sorted me out with some Yankees tickets for a couple of games next week. Hurrah. Turned out that not only was he English, he was also a Liverpool fan. That was nice, chatting about all types of sport on the pavement with a stranger.

I then had my only bit of business during the whole trip, a meeting with a publisher to discuss doing another book. That felt like it went well, but we shall see. Not gonna tell you more in case I jinx it.

Oh, I saw this mad procession of RVs along Sixth Avenue. There was about 40 or 50 of them all travelling uptown. All full of Jews. They were playing music, and advertising something, but I’ve forgotten what that was. Quite a sight, though. It’s not often you see that sort of thing in Berlin. Err, for obvious reasons…

After my meeting I hopped on a train to Queens to got to P.S.1. As ever with group art shows, there was stuff I liked, stuff I disliked, stuff I didn’t care either way about. The best thing there was an exhibition called The Measure Of Every Pause by an Australian woman called Jessica Rankin. She creates what she calls ‘brainmaps’ with needle and thread. They’re really lovely. There’s more about her here.

I’m stilla bit jetlaggy, so after eating I came back to the hotel and watched one of those cops-chasing-drunk-people-along-the-highway shows and again fell asleep before 9.30.

But where oh where did you eat, Craig? Well, I’m glad you ask, cos I ate at White Castle. The Harold and Kumar film had built up my expectations and I… was sadly underwhelmed when I tried their burgers. Imagine a McDonald’s hamburger shoved in the microwave for two minutes too long and you’re close. They do come in nice little cardboard pouches, though.

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April 7th, 2006 at 8:47 am

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  1. Yum! Can’t wait to hear how the new book thing turns out!!!


    7 Apr 06 at 15:39

  2. Craig, you want a good burger in NYC? Go to the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park, at Madison and 23rd. YOu’ll have to wait about 45 minutes in line if you get there at lunchtime, but it is a fine, fine hamburger. I guess the milkshakes are good, too, but I couldn’t manage it.

    I wrote about all the food we ate the other week in NY.


    7 Apr 06 at 16:38

  3. Hi Craig,
    About the Bruce Springsteen trip-thing:

    You can take a train from Penn Station to Asbury Park. Round trip costs +/- $19.00. Long ride though. Check timetable at http://www.njtransit.com.

    Take some nice pictures!


    7 Apr 06 at 19:08

  4. Apologies for not replying to yr email, Andrew. Yep, I fancy that place you mentioned.

    b7b – oooh… I thinks I’s a goin’


    7 Apr 06 at 19:14

  5. Also try Burger Joint in the Parker Meridian hotel on 57th btwn. 6th and 7th aves. Again… quite a wait, so go on an off hour. Well worth the experience, if not just for the atmosphere.


    7 Apr 06 at 21:03

  6. what is the jewish convoy thing about? I saw that when I was in NY too.


    9 Apr 06 at 12:16

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