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Gone down south

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After nearly two weekchucuhdxhcdcbcduuhbhuu8hyaa6ynnnnyuay6n (a brief interruption there from Sophia, the two year old daughter of Derick and Jennifer, my hosts in Chapel Hill, North Carolina); after nearly two weeks in New York, I’m now in the South. Today it’s sunny sunny sunny, but yesterday I arrived and it was chucking it down. Torrential rain. Something about me being in the southern US that brings bad weather it seems. First impressions of Chapel Hill is that it seems to be quite a cute little place. Lots of old-by-American-standards pretty houses surrounded by trees. People jogging with dogs, studious looking people and such. I experienced my first American supermarket last night. So much stuff. Miles and miles of chocolate and sweets and crisps. And a crazy but clever self check-out machine.

Written by Craig

April 18th, 2006 at 10:21 am

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  1. Jealous, wish I could see Chapel Hill too! Say hi to everyone from us. PS – Andrew’s going up to Seattle tomorrow, do you want to go see him there? Apparently it’s sunny there at the moment, too.


    18 Apr 06 at 17:07

  2. Why is everyone from Europe so amazed at American supermarkets…I mean you have ikea!?! (sorry about the excess)


    18 Apr 06 at 17:13

  3. Yeh, but IKEA is full of furniture, which is kinda big. the place I was in last night had a whole aisle – 30ish metres long – full of cereal.


    18 Apr 06 at 17:29

  4. Not just from europe! My boyfriend went to a supermarket in the states and said that it was huge! And that there were like 30 cashier registers most of them open. I couldnt believe it. I am from canada and where I work we have nine registers and in a superstore possible 15 or 20 plus some self check outs.


    11 Jul 09 at 05:11

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