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Once there was pavement

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Often I’ll rest my elbows on my window ledge and look out of the window, smoke a cigarette, and ponder various things of little importance. As of today, there’s a new cafe open on the ground floor of my building.

Now I can no longer ponder without seeing the top of peoples’ heads jabbering away about nappies and such. Also, it means I can no longer just flick my ash into the void, cos the void’s now got latté machiatos and fancy-flavoured ice creams in it. Worst of all, I can’t have a fag without being advertised at by these rather unsightly umbrellas. Yet another element of my life tainted by crap…

Written by Craig

April 2nd, 2006 at 5:47 pm

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  1. couldn’t you sit under the umbrellas, smoke a fag, have a coffee and avoid the ads?
    I know it would cost money, but you deserve a treat


    3 Apr 06 at 08:08

  2. I agree with Dave. Sometimes God points with the entire hand, saying “Get out there and mingle with the rest of the world (or the neighbours as it seems), old chum!”



    3 Apr 06 at 13:39

  3. Too many mums w/ babies for it to be in any way relaxing as far as I can tell.


    3 Apr 06 at 18:25

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