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Relaxation has arrived. Thank God for that. I spent the first couple of days wanting to be relaxed right away, but when it didn’t happen, I only got grumpy. Yesterday morning I went to MOMA. After a short while queuing and buying my ticket from someone who looked exactly like my sister, I had a look around. It’s not that it was bad or anything, I just found the whole thing a bit like one of my art history lessons at school. All these greatest hits of the art world in one room was a bit unreal, and the familiarity of them all left me a little unimpressed. Not that those paintings were bad or anything; it’s just, isn’t seeing an Andy Warhol print in a book or on the wall the same thing apart from the size? I did enjoy the Claus Oldenburg stuff, though. I’d forgotten how much I like his stuff. And it’s always good to see some Yves Klein, Alexander Calder and Mark Rothko stuff. There was a room of pencil drawings that was full of great stuff, too. Can’t remember everything in there, but I enjoyed the David Hockney drawings and those by Grayson Perry and Jake & Dinos Chapman.

Here’s my art gallery cliché photo with blurred person in foreground:

I was still not that relaxed by that point; it took an afternoon in the cinema for that to happen. I went to see Thank You For Smoking. Apart from anything else, it has a beautiful title sequence with all the credits on graphics that look like cigarette packs. It’s worth seeing just for Adam Brody’s short performance alone, he’s excellent. God, I’m rubbish at reviewing things… Just go see it, cos it’s good. I came out of the cinema, and there it was: relaxation. I sauntered down Ninth Avenue back to the hotel, a uncharacteristic smile on my face and I felt happy.

The weather today seems pretty grim, so I’m watching some old folks bowling on ESPN Classics. Not sure I can be arsed to leave the room in this weather, and having bowling on TV makes it even more tempting to just lie around all day.

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April 8th, 2006 at 1:15 pm

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  1. Hi Craig,

    the Thank You For Smoking title sequence made it to the internwebs, thanks to its creators: here’s a link.


    8 Apr 06 at 20:09

  2. I liked that little drawing (or was it etching?) show, too. Although, the Chapmans’ stuff is so utterly weird…creeps me out.


    8 Apr 06 at 23:04

  3. Thanks Adrian.
    Heather, yes that was the part of MOMA I enjoyed the most.


    9 Apr 06 at 00:07

  4. have you gone to ps 1 in queens? it is the contemporary offshoot of the moma but it’s a lot more interesting.


    9 Apr 06 at 04:04

  5. did you get one of those listening things at MoMA? They’re AWFUL. Pretentious prats whittling on about absolutely nothing. All you learn is how much they like the sound of their own voices.


    9 Apr 06 at 12:19

  6. Dave – No, I didn’t. I don’t really need someone telling my why a painting is good or important; that’s what my eyes and brain are for.


    9 Apr 06 at 16:32

  7. true dat.
    but sometimes it’s good to give you some background info. Cos that’s not necessarily already in your brain or in front of your eyes.
    only not at MOMA, because they’re just rubbish


    9 Apr 06 at 20:51

  8. Oh, you lazy lucky bastard…


    10 Apr 06 at 16:32

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