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Snow in April

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Yesterday I went to see the Statue of Liberty. There was a bit of rain, so I figured it’d be a bit less busy on the ferry. I was wrong. Loads of people queueing up. So I joined the queue, went through all the security checks, and got on the ferry. Then it began to snow. And the snowflakes got bigger and bigger, and it was like being in a blizzard with the wind making things colder as the ferry crossed to the statue. The impressive view was, err, not so impressive through a curtain of snow.

And this is what Manhattan looked like on the way back.

For some reason, I’m still in a slightly grumpy mood. Not sure why, just not got into the swing of things yet.

Written by Craig

April 6th, 2006 at 7:13 am

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  1. The snow yesterday was odd—so dense in one place and non-existent in others. And the whole thing was over so fast! I was moving in the opposite direction from you yesterday: east toward Long Island where the college I teach at is. In Brooklyn we had rain, by the time the train got to Queens, a full fledged blizzard that made me certain school would be cancelled by the time I got there, and on Long Island, a few drops giving way to sunshine. All in the space of an hour.

    Hope yer grumpy mood improves! Me, I’m happy. Last day of teaching then a week off (Spring Break) for me to attend to my own writing and interests.


    6 Apr 06 at 14:16

  2. The title of this post reminds me of the fantastic Prince song “Sometimes it Snows in April”. If you’ve never heard it, I recommend giving it a listen.

    Lyrics here: http://www.princelyrics.co.uk/song.asp?song=210

    Matt Sephton

    6 Apr 06 at 14:34

  3. Craig – it’s not snow! It’s rabies froth from all those people they tie to the radiators in high rise blocks so the tourists can’t see all the rabies victims in the USA.

    Maybe the ladies were right – they have special FBI genetically engineered gulls that only come out in the cold weather and suck up the froth…..

    (On the wrong side of Magic Door – work have zapped my cookies and can’t remember my sign-in)


    6 Apr 06 at 15:26

  4. One word for a mood adjustment:



    6 Apr 06 at 22:13

  5. Talking about strange weather:
    I was about fifteen, lying on my bed with my head hanging out through the tiny window over my bed, and with a microphone attached to my mouth.
    “It is the first of june and… hey, what the *offended highpitched voice*… it bloody snows outside!!”


    8 Apr 06 at 11:28

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