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Yankees again

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Sorry, I know this must be a bit dull for non-baseball fans. Yesterday afternoon, I went on the Yankee Stadium tour. You get a guide telling you about stuff; you visit Monument Park, you see the bullpen, sit in the dug out, walk around the field, (steal a few blades of grass surreptitiously), go in the clubhouse, and finally, sit in the press box. It was a fun hour.

I’m off to Chapel Hill tomorrow. Looking forward to that, seeing somewhere in the US that isn’t a big city for the first time.

Anyway, some photos of the stadium.

Written by Craig

April 16th, 2006 at 11:30 am

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  1. Kewl!


    16 Apr 06 at 23:31

  2. But, see, what is the bull pen?


    17 Apr 06 at 18:49

  3. But? You were in the press box?? Did I miss something? How can you walk around the arena when it’s empty? Is it free for anyone to stroll around when there’s no game going on or were you some kind of a VIP-guy??


    18 Apr 06 at 10:42

  4. Oh, sorry, I was working while I read the blog and must have been pretty distracted. Now I understand. Ok, a tour…


    18 Apr 06 at 10:43

  5. Paul, the bullpen is where pitchers warm-up before they are called into the game.


    18 Apr 06 at 17:30

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