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Yankees win

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A great day yesterday as the Yankees beat the Royals 12-5. I had a massive smile on my face when I came out of the subway and the stadium was right in front of me; the last time I was there I knew nothing about baseball and the players were just players. Yesterday, though, I was excited cos there in front of me was Derek Jeter, there in front of me was Gary Sheffield getting a three run home run. It was excellent. Only two innings without Yankees runs, so I really got my money’s worth. Back there again today. Hurrah.

In other news, Bill O’Reilly, the Fox News twat who I can’t help but watch, will, I’m sure, be firing one of his graphics team after this on-screen typo. Especially amusing with Bill banging on about Mexicans coming to the US and not learning the language.

And there I was thinking that UPS just delivered parcels… oh no, they synchronise the word of commerce. Ooooh, fancy that.

Written by Craig

April 13th, 2006 at 9:56 am

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  1. Nice pictures! Now, slowly step away from Fox news. It’s high on “yelling at the t.v.” value, but very unhealhty in larger doses.

    The last time a package was sent to me by UPS I had to go pick it up at their facility (they could only deliver while I was at work)– where there were no actual UPS employees, only temps who were having a really hard time sorting out the huge pile of boxes in the warehouse and kept suggesting to the frustrated customers in line that they go back and dig through it themselves.

    I eventually got the package, but my commerce didn’t feel very syncronized that day.


    13 Apr 06 at 17:01

  2. Bill gives me shivers…

    Enjoy the games Craig!


    13 Apr 06 at 19:25

  3. He gives me the shivers too, but I find him strangely compelling. Maybe it’s because watching Fox News makes it easy to know where I stand on issues: the opposite of where they stand.


    14 Apr 06 at 00:27

  4. It’s always good to have a barometer on one’s own values. I use some of the newspapers for exactly the same purpose. When the Iraq-war started it was suddenly crystal clear who were sane and who were insane of the journalist-posse. Scary and interesting. A true barometer indeed.


    18 Apr 06 at 10:36

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