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It’s the atomic number of nitrogen, the name of an album by James, the number of inches in diameter of the first piece of recorded music I ever bought, the number of colours in a rainbow, the number that Kenny Dalglish wore on his shirt, and if I had to choose a lucky number, it’d be it.

Flip Flop Flyin’ is seven years old today.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to have a look at the web site and go through my favourite things, kinda like a sitcom that does a clip show.

Pete & Bob episode 5
Not sure why I like this one more than the others. Perhaps it’s cos I enjoyed chopping together the music, but it’s probably the tear at the end that does it.

I’m Feeling Fine Now
Another one where I had fun making the music. It’s Motörhead’s guitars, Toni Basil’s drums and Jon Spencer’s scream if you’re interested.

Ghost of Hawdin’s Wood
A reminder that pretty things are good, and that being a grumpy bastard wasn’t always the case.

What If
This was unexpectedly popular when I first put it online. Totally caught me off guard, that. Still nowhere near closer to getting a statue, mind.

Ghosts are Rubbish at Squash
Perhaps the earliest thing I’m proud of. I think I did this in FFF’s first year. Not sure where the idea came from, just one of those sentences that popped into my head.

A Bench
It’s a good sign that something I made recently is one of my favourite things.

W&W;’s Trophiest Trophy
Technically, the best drawing I’ve ever done.

Mapping Bruce
My favourite blog moment. A bored Saturday and a love of The Boss come together.

Cheap Space Documentary
I wish I’d recorded the sound better. One day I’ll go all George Lucas and re-do it so you can actually hear what’s being said properly.

Fun Fun Fun
And finally, this was kinda the moment when I realised that my little hobby was taking on a life of its own.

Have a good weekend.

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May 12th, 2006 at 4:51 pm

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  1. Hurrah, I am the first commenter on this lucky Flip Flop Flyin’ day. HAPPY 7TH BIRTHDAY! Cool cool stuff. Love it. So glad that some random person email me the Minipops spreadsheet all those years ago and introduced me to your world… Have a happy weekend x

  2. raindrops on roses
    and whiskers on kittens
    singing owls and
    pixels becoming smitten…

    these are a few of my favorite things.

    happy bday fff!



    12 May 06 at 20:56

  3. Happy birthday fff!

    Fully agree on best blog moment:
    Springsteen-ing on google maps makes beautiful procrastination, and I clearly remember continuously playing the boss the following days.

    I raise the glass on Craig (and Billy):
    let’s minipop the cork,
    champagne for everyone!


    12 May 06 at 23:10

  4. Happy Birthday to FFF!
    Keep the Fun Fun Fun coming.


    13 May 06 at 00:29

  5. All the best Craig.

    Here’s to another seven years of anything you care to send our way.


    13 May 06 at 16:07

  6. happy birthday fff indeed!

    ghosts are rubbish at squash and a bench are my favourite favourites also.

    I saw the yankee stadium for the first time yesterday and the first thought to pop into my head was “craig robinson likes them an awful lot.” it was odd.

    – aarati.


    13 May 06 at 23:48

  7. After yesterday’s match, I think Liverpool deserve the Trophiest Trophy :D


    14 May 06 at 11:49

  8. Fireworks and free hot dogs!
    Happy birthday Flipflopflying and thank God I found your site those years ago. You have made me smile and laugh out loud with such small means – a few pixels here and there. Given me tons of inspiration. And you are so worth all the praise that just showers you wet in this blog. Happy happy birthday, the best site on the net.

    Oh, just one more thing; I want you to make the coolest flipflopflying-t-shirt on the planet. For us blog-readers to buy. Well ok, maybe for someone else to buy too…


    14 May 06 at 11:56

  9. Two days late, but Happy Birthday to Flipflopflyin’!
    ‘Also glad you started your quite entertaining “g” blog (and Billy’s?).


    (with the minipics book, one of my favourite work of yours would be Robinsonia)


    14 May 06 at 13:30

  10. A little late but: Happy Birthday FFF!
    Still one of the websites I enjoy the most.


    14 May 06 at 16:49

  11. Happy Birthday- I have been lurking around for the last year or so and I am still enjoying it. Congratulations.


    16 May 06 at 05:51

  12. Thank you all.


    19 May 06 at 09:19

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