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A cup? Are you crazy?

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And the winner of the lamest name for a product goes to…

It’s a cappuccino in a cup!
Yes, because most of the cappuccinos I drink come in a plastic bag like a fish from the fairground, and it’s so hot and difficult to hold and drink without spillng all over my t-shirt. That’s why this one is special: it comes in a paper cup. Brilliant. Starbucks must be shitting their pants…

Written by Craig

May 8th, 2006 at 12:27 pm

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  1. Someone has seriously picked his brains for design ideas!

    I bought a coffee at MacDonalds (yeah yeah, so sue me) yesterday and there someone – really – had had a smart idea for a cup-lid. I was quite amused and had to test all the good things you could do with it. Since I don’t know all the detail names of a plastic… thingy… I just leave it to that. Go see for yourselves.
    And hey, Craig, be happy for the small annoyments in life, otherwise the big ones take over. Or was it the other way around? :)


    8 May 06 at 14:54

  2. I tried to come up with a comment that’s even cornier than the text on these cups.

    Cups 1 – me 0


    8 May 06 at 19:11

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