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Good FA Cup Final, eh?
Billy hates me watching football on telly, though. There he is, sat next to my feet trying to get my attention focused on the ball he wants to play with; and I’m watching a ball being played with on the telly. And then, when Steven Gerrard equalised to make it 2-2, and equalised again in the 90th minute – with one the best goals I’ve ever seen – to make it 3-3; well, Billy was off then, scampering into the other room to hide. He doesn’t enjoy me jumping up and down and screaming. I had to apologise and give him a biscuit after the penalty shoot out, as he looked thoroughly miserable, hiding underneath my desk wondering what had happened to me.
“We won the Cup, Billy!” I explained.
“Yeh, whatever,” he replied.

Written by Craig

May 14th, 2006 at 1:29 pm

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  1. God, he looks fluffy and soft…
    A late comment on 7 years too: Thanks for all the smiles! Priceless.


    14 May 06 at 13:58

  2. I was more tense than I thought possible. I was screwed up tight with my head propped up against the wall in the most uncomfortable way and with no idea how I got like that,dying for the loo and daring not to move in case I jinxed them. I said “Go on Pepe” just as each West Ham player took his run up (except the one who scored ..when I said it too early) and waved my flag to no one as we won.
    Eesh football….does strange things to a man.
    God Bless Liverpool FC…. :)


    14 May 06 at 16:07

  3. Is that a special football shirt for dogs or what?


    14 May 06 at 18:38

  4. Well, Billy Boy – let’s face it – you are the only sensible one in the family… ;)


    14 May 06 at 21:03

  5. Maybe Billy is a West Ham fan!


    15 May 06 at 09:54

  6. And what self-respecting West Ham fan would wear a Liverpool shirt?

    George in Grasse

    15 May 06 at 22:46

  7. Impa: I put him in the washing machine just before I took the photo.
    Lee: After Istanbul last year, the penalties didn’t worry me too much. Just got the feeling that of the two teams, the more likely to be confident was LFC.
    Anon: Nope, it’s the shirt I had when I was a kid.


    19 May 06 at 09:18

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