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Loop de loop

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Friday, and it’s been a poor week of blogging. Actually the whole month has been poor. My heart’s not in it at the moment. But that’s another story.

Here’s something that might interest you, though: the Beach Boys song that gave my website its name, Loop De Loop (Flip Flop Flyin’ In An Aeroplane).

Originally recorded in 1969, I think; due to be included on the aborted Landlocked album; eventually officially released nearly 30 years later (with contemporary overdubs) on the Endless Harmony Soundtrack album. It’s not particularly one of their best songs, it’s just a song that I was listening to seven years ago when I was trying to think of a name for this new-fangled website thingy I wanted to make.

This version is the one from a bootleg of Landlocked. I hope you like it.

Loop De Loop (Flip Flop Flyin’ In An Aeroplane)

And should this inspire you to go to the shops and buy a Beach Boys album this weekend, these are the ones I’d recommend: The Beach Boys Today! (1965), Pet Sounds (1966), Friends (1968), 20/20 (1969), Sunflower (1970), Surf’s Up (1971), and the compilation Classics selected by Brian Wilson (2002). (And if you stumble across a bootleg of Smile, that’s well worth shelling out for, cos it’s far better than the – admittedly very good – re-recorded version Brian Wilson did in 2004.)

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May 26th, 2006 at 9:42 am

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  1. Interesting about how your site got its name. But even more interesting; why haven’t your heart been in the blogging lately? What’s happening in your life?


    26 May 06 at 09:55

  2. Craig,

    I fear you have lost your mojo. I don’t think it’s for us to pry. However, I have noticed from a couple of years of checking out your site that you do seem to have built up a fansite of blogger readers. In particular, the lovely elisabeth above – she seems to be the most devoted devotee. Perhaps some internet prompted dating might put a spring in your er blog.


    26 May 06 at 15:12

  3. 17 years ago today

    26 may 1989

    St Michael Thomas Day

    Steve McMahon with finger up ‘one minute to go’

    Last minute title winner

    Re live through watching ‘Fever Pitch’ each year

    George the Gooner

    26 May 06 at 18:39

  4. Not re-living 17 May 2006, then?


    26 May 06 at 19:06

  5. Best (spoddy muso) moment of my life: hearing Smile played live and realising my cobbled-together tape I’d made from bootlegs had EXACTLY the same beginning that Brian had intended (My Prayer segue-ing into the barbershop ‘how I love my girl’ bit from Heroes and Villains)

    I’ll shut up now. Have a good weekend Mr FFF


    26 May 06 at 19:12

  6. ooo… *blushing and making faces*
    “Lovely”, eh? Sorry to say the devotion is purely unilateral. But devotee I am! =)


    29 May 06 at 14:31

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