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One long arm one last time

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Whenever something similar happened for the third time, my Mum always used to say something about things ‘coming in threes.’ Well, for me, the third of those things has just happened. After the end of Pete and Bob, and the end of Valley of the Cnuties: the end of David with One Long Arm.

I think I’m cleansing my palette with all this finishing-things-off stuff. I’m not sure what is next, but I do think that, in my head at least, I’m leaving a part of FFF behind. There have to be some changes in what I do if I don’t want it to become stale, with the smiley, happy characters and nowt else. Not that things have been altogether smiley of late, but you know what I mean. I’ve been banging away at this kind of stuff for what on the 12th May will be seven years. I have no real idea of how I want to do stuff or what stuff I want to do in the future, but by finishing these things off, I’m feeling a weight lifting off my shoulders. Maybe what is next will be a load of one-off hit and miss things until I have some greater ‘plan.’

I hope you enjoy this last episode. Apologies for not translating it like the last two episodes, but I just wanted to get it done and on the site as quickly as possible.

Written by Craig

May 2nd, 2006 at 2:10 pm

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  1. Why say good bye? What happened to the nice phrase “see ya”? Or “Sayonara”? Or plain “Cheers”? Hate to see all these fine characters just dying off into obliviance. But I guess I understand. Some doors need to be closed for others to fly open.


    2 May 06 at 15:19

  2. Oh, but it was brilliant, though. :)


    2 May 06 at 15:22

  3. Goodbye David. Goodbye one long arm.



    2 May 06 at 16:26

  4. Long arm….plastic bags….trees….

    Magic Door

    4 May 06 at 12:35

  5. So long.


    4 May 06 at 21:39

  6. nice one, b7b!


    10 May 06 at 10:29

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