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There’s only four dates I can remember that aren’t birthdays of family, friends or ex-girlfriends.
8 December 1980 – John Lennon died (also my Mum’s birthday).
15 April 1989 – Hillsborough.
11 September 2001 – err, 11 September (also an ex-girlfriend’s birthday).
25 May 2005 – Liverpool won the Champions League for the fifth time. Hard to believe it was a year ago, cos every single moment of that day is still fresh in my mind. You too can re-live the wonder if you want.

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May 25th, 2006 at 12:58 pm

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  1. Happy Istanbul Day!


    25 May 06 at 14:21

  2. And also Happy Birthday to Lauryn Hill, Anne Heche, Mike Myers, Frank OZ, Ian McKellen, Miles Davis, Jeanne Crain and Ralph W. Emerson… apparently. Not sure which ones are still alive.

    And on this day in 1975, the Grizzly bear was classified as a ‘threatened’ species.

    Still cool about the football though. Have you got tickets to any of the World Cup matches?

  3. Oh, and in 1977 the Chinese government removed its ban on Shakespeare.

  4. 15th April – easy – it’s my birthday and Lweonardo da Vinci’s.

    World Cup News….. I picked Angola in the office sweepstake, so I recommend following their progress – just so I’m not the only one. The sad thing is, when someone was only demonstrating the’hat’, they picked out Brazil for me……………

    Magic Door

    25 May 06 at 16:56

  5. …sorry matey – Leonardo…

    Magic Door

    25 May 06 at 16:58

  6. I prefer Lweonardo!

  7. May 25 is a National Holiday in Argentina…Revolution Day! But now that you mentioned that on that date last year Liverpool won the Champions League I will wear something red just to remember what a great time I had trying to find out the results of that game while I was working!

    Hugs from Buenos Aires…


    31 May 06 at 06:17

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