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For anyone who’s just spent fifteen quid on a DVD, and been sick to the back teeth of that stupid advert at the start, which you can’t skip, telling you that downloading movies is baaaaaad; this is for you: Piracy is a crime. (Quicktime, 4.3MB)

Written by Craig

May 30th, 2006 at 10:31 am

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  1. Yup, those are really annoying. After watching them, I always feel like downloading something, just to annoy them back. (Which I don’t of course, because, dear film industry, I am totally aware that it would make me a despicable criminal)

    Something completely different: I stumbled across your illustrations in KulturSPIEGEL yesterday. Congratulations. Sales for the minipops book will soar! And people will see minipops the size they’re are meant to be…


    30 May 06 at 11:05

  2. Yeah, they irritate me too – so much so that I thought I’d write a comment…

    I’ve found that you can generally skip them if you can navigate to a given title on your DVD controller…
    You can’t often skip them with the forward / back buttons on your controller, but you can if you navigate to a specific title, which is usually #2 (#1 being the dumb piracy thingy).
    Or maybe that’s just on my player…


    30 May 06 at 14:09

  3. thanks to the anonymous guy for the KulturSPIEGEL tip. I just saw that it is available as pdf download.


    30 May 06 at 15:16

  4. Did home taping ever kill music by the way?
    I think it must have done because you never hear music these days. And there are no multi-millionaire record company execs around either.


    30 May 06 at 17:27

  5. Innit though? What gets me (apart from,I’ve just paid for this, you fuckers, piss off) is their little “movie piracy is stealing”. Oh, like theft? No, because theft is dishonestly appropriating property with intent to permamently deprive. Can’t do that with intellectual property. Movie piracy is copyright infringement, not stealing. Different kettle of fish, thank you very much.


    30 May 06 at 23:53

  6. Before those ads show, there’s a country selection screen – this doesn’t select the language of the DVD, just which ads play. Select china, they have no copyright laws so it skips the annoying ads.


    12 Jan 09 at 15:11

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