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This weekend I went waterskiing in Hawaii.
One day that sentence might be true, but today it’s just a lie. In fact I spent a chunk of the weekend hoping for the people of Montenegro to vote to stay within their union with Serbia. Then I spent another chunk cursing those same damn people who voted to split from the union which will force me to re-write my Flip Flop Flyin’ Pictorial Atlas of the World entry for Serbia and Montenegro as two seperate entries, as their seperation destroys the ‘joke’ within said Pictorial Atlas. Don’t those fuckers realise I’ve still got over 200 countries to write about without selfishly adding to my workload?
This weekend I also laughed hard as Leeds United were beaten in the play-off final by Watford. Ha ha ha ha ha, you’re still not in the Premier League!
This weekend I contemplated blogging about all the things I hate. But I changed my mind. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.

Written by Craig

May 22nd, 2006 at 5:29 pm

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  1. Mooaahaha! It’s 8:30, I’m at work and people are asking “What’s so funny??”. How can I explain how this Berliner English guy defines politics from his pixel world? Craig, you’re the best! =)

    C’mon, what is Hawaii? Really? Quite boring if you ask me…


    23 May 06 at 08:41

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