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Okay, so I’m to assume that you don’t enjoy all the football-related blogging, right? Virtually no comments about any of those things, so either a) I’ve gone crap at blogging, b) you’re out having fun instead of sitting in front of computers, or c) you’re bored of all the World Cup chatter. I’m genuinely interested to know what the answer is.

Here’s another drawing, called Banana. I’m quite into the idea of doing more of these one-off composed pixelly drawings like this and yesterday’s (which, just to be clear, has a sarcastic title; I don’t really think English thuggery is glorious). It’s quite enjoyable to have an idea and not feel the need to constantly expand it into a story or series of animations.

Written by Craig

June 14th, 2006 at 2:12 pm

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  1. Dunno Craig, nothing wrong with the blogging. They’re probably more into chess, like the Ungsa-Tungs.


    14 Jun 06 at 15:13

  2. Are they good at chess, these Ungsa Tungs?


    14 Jun 06 at 15:22

  3. dunno, never met one in person. besides, i’m terrible at chess myself so i wouldn’t be able to tell…


    14 Jun 06 at 16:05

  4. Ergg, deleted for a superfluous comma.
    Let’s try this again.

    I enjoy the bananas-style drawings, but I also like the WC update. Can’t ya just balance the two? Like one in each hand on a tightrope. It could be the Craig Circus act!


    14 Jun 06 at 17:05

  5. I like the WC stuff, it’s just that WC is everywhere, dominating every office conversation and email, so when I come to FFF I’ve said everything I wanted to say about Tunisia v Saudi already


    14 Jun 06 at 17:20

  6. C! C!


    14 Jun 06 at 17:50

  7. “C! C!”? What’s that mean?


    14 Jun 06 at 17:52

  8. Craig, we’re enjoying your WC observations. It feels like we’re missing a lot of interesting Berlin moments right now…

    PS The banana picture is excellent.


    14 Jun 06 at 18:42

  9. my non-commenting excuse is much more inane and technical- I’m on an RSS feed which is just piccies and text and no ‘leave a comment’ buttons, which is a shame. Still enjoying it all tho :)


    14 Jun 06 at 19:41

  10. I love the footie, but its World Cup 24/7 at my house. My husband keeps it permanently on: television, radio in the shower, streaming video on the computer—arghhhh!

    I’ve tried luring him away with episodes of Footballer$ Wive$ and other luring tactics, but to no avail…..


    14 Jun 06 at 21:50

  11. I am just being lazy, enjoying the spirit in Hamburg during a fabulous world cup.


    15 Jun 06 at 01:18

  12. Hi Craig,

    Please keep up the w/c blogging, I’m a regular reader and live in bangkok, so I’m loving the pieces from berlin on the footy… out here the king’s just had his 60th so every early game is cut entirely or they show the last 10mins, with thai commentry!!!!! and yes even england’s game had the first 30 mins cut as the news ran over it!!! so keep it up i need a fix!!!


    15 Jun 06 at 06:22

  13. I don’t mind the WC stuff- we don’t get so much of it here in Australia (except when the Socceroos won against Japan then suddenly everyone was interested).


    15 Jun 06 at 06:51

  14. Hey, you’re English. It sort of goes with the heritage.
    I’m gonna give the Swedish boys one more chance since we couldn’t score Trinidad-Tobago. Tonight we play Paraguay and I think we’ve beaten them 3 times. In all. Ever. The last time was… well, let’s just say South American teams doesn’t suit us.


    15 Jun 06 at 09:24

  15. Thanks everybody, good to know.


    15 Jun 06 at 11:42

  16. What is WC? Is there some kind of sports competition going on at the moment in Europe, or is WC just an Old European abbreviation for the NBA or NHL finals?

    Are Tunisa and Saudi Arabia in a war of some sort?

    Derick, USA


    15 Jun 06 at 12:31

  17. It’s like basketball; just with more players, a bigger pitch, a different ball, not much use of the hands, and sleeves on the shirts.


    15 Jun 06 at 12:38

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