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Clean and ready

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I went into the centre of Berlin today for the first time since the countdown to the World Cup has got to the James Bond-runs-in-and-stops-the-bomb stage. Berlin’s suddenly become clean and tidy! Parts of the city centre that had building site stuff all around is now clear of that: there’s brushed pavements, blasted-clean walls of old buildings, flags declaring Berlin a WM Stadt (World Cup city). I smelled fresh paint on two seperate occasions.

I also saw the above advert for Coca Cola: Welcome to Germany (Excludes Our Penalty Box).


Is there anything as blatantly cynical in its approach as an American superpowered company like Coca Cola pretending that it’s a part of the home nation of this World Cup? That this entity will be sat there on the sofa cheering along Klinsmann’s team with Mutti und Papa?
I know; I shouldn’t be shocked by this, should I?

Written by Craig

June 7th, 2006 at 4:37 pm

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  1. Well, Coca Cola already kidnapped our Weihnachtsmann and turned him into a zombie wearing a red coat with fur linings. So why not steal our Fußball? Or our World Cup titles? The whole World Cup has been turned into a gigantic marketing fad, so it was about time they rewrote history.


    7 Jun 06 at 17:52

  2. A US company backing Fussball is a ridiculous combination from the start…(in just about any nation) – but then ad campaigns are not supposed to tell you about the real world, do they?

    Just close your eyes for four weeks and it’ll all be back to normal – dirty streets included!




    8 Jun 06 at 07:49

  3. Anonymous

    9 Jun 06 at 20:53

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