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Going to a World Cup game

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This is what it was like:

A scarier-than-usual Ronald:

Of course, the whole area outside the stadium – which at the Olympiastadion is a very large wide open space – was full of Fifa’s Official Partners’ stuff. Most of them, for some reason, seemed to involve children kicking footballs at miniature inflatable goals. The Adidas one, though, cut to the chase: get your photo taken with foxy birds:

Ooh, some free kick action. I had a pretty good seat right down by the corner flag. Sadly, though, the game was a fairly dull affair. Only two real interesting moments: a Tunisian getting sent off, and Schevchenko scoring a penalty. I even missed the sending off, cos I was doing a wee at the time.

I wonder if to be a steward, one of the requirements has to be no interest in football.

So, Ukraine 1 Tunisia 0.

Time for one more souvenir photo before you leave:

And some mingling with the other fans:

And time to take those suede shorts off, chaps; you must be sweating like hell down there:

Written by Craig

June 24th, 2006 at 11:16 am

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  1. Pardon my lack of ukrainian ‘secret-agent-turns-pornstar-turns-politician’s, but who is the guy in the suit?

    Ronald McD scares me too…


    24 Jun 06 at 14:19

  2. Dunno who he is, I just assumed he’s a fan in a blue suit.


    24 Jun 06 at 14:54

  3. this is alberto tomba’s mmhhh.. brother.


    25 Jun 06 at 01:55

  4. Wow- I didn’t realise you could buy suede shorts- how strange. I actually used to work at the football (Australian Rules) here in Australia and one of the requirements WAS that you don’t like football, they actually asked us that in the interview!


    26 Jun 06 at 06:29

  5. You’re so lucky! Nothing better than experiencing the whole soccer fever than in person.


    30 Jun 06 at 15:38

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