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Mapping Bruce update

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You may remember the Mapping Bruce thing I did last September. Well, over the weekend, I needed a break from my actual work and fancied doing something fun. Rather than going waterskiing, I sat down and made a proper map of Bruce.

Mapping Bruce: The Map

Next stop, I guess, could be every place mentioned in his songs, not just in the titles, although that’d be a mammoth task, I imagine.

Of course, the ultimate thing would be Mapping Bruce: The Road Trip. I’d begin by flying to New York, getting on a bus and asking the driver if it stopped at 82nd Street; then walk to 57th Street and try and cause some sort of incident. At some point of course, I’d have to serenade someone.
Then I’d rent a car and drive to Pittsburgh to try and find a good man; then up to Youngstown; then a long drive to Nebraska, (calling in on my hometown’s namesake and Nebraska’s capital, Lincoln).
A big drive across the Rocky Mountains to Reno; into California, to Santa Ana, then San Diego to go to Balboa Park.
Into Mexico to the state of Sinaloa to find some cowboys; east to Matamoros to the border with Texas, (maybe I could illegally sneak across).
Follow the coast around to Galveston Bay; north west to Amarillo to see Cadillac Ranch; back east through Arkansas to Darlington County; before turning north to the walk through the Streets of Philadelphia.
A short trip to Atlantic City to do some gambling, then to Belmar to shuffle down E Street and, err, freeze out on Tenth Avenue.
Finally, I’d make drive the few miles north from Belmar to Asbury Park, to see if I could find a nice girl called Sandy and tell her: love me tonight and I promise I’ll love you forever.

Written by Craig

June 5th, 2006 at 3:03 pm

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  1. Oooooh Craig, can I come too???
    I call shotgun!!*

    * always wanted to say that


    5 Jun 06 at 20:21

  2. you would, wouldn’t you.


    5 Jun 06 at 22:16

  3. I like the picture of “the boss” you found – looks more like the “police lineup guy”

    Nice piece!



    6 Jun 06 at 07:56

  4. Alex, it was scanned from the January 2006 issue of Mojo.


    6 Jun 06 at 11:34

  5. Is that the way to Amarillo?

    Sorry, couldn’t resist!

    Matt Sephton

    6 Jun 06 at 15:24

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