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Not about football

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Any German speakers out there who can help me out? Here’s a van I saw recently with words on both sides. Letters are missing from both sides, too. I’m incredibly curious to find out what it is trying to spell out.

And here’s a kinda composite of where those letters would occur:

Any ideas, mein lieblings? Bitte! Ich braucht dein hilfen!

Written by Craig

June 11th, 2006 at 10:44 pm

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  1. Das ist echt schwer!!! Maybe the first word is “Stanzung” which is the Substantiv of “stanzen” (blanking, pressing, punching). It would make sense as an advertisement for a company for “Stanzen”, “Prägen” usw.
    But I don’t know, what to do with that “A” at the end…
    Let me think…



    12 Jun 06 at 15:11

  2. … and the 3. word could be “Applikationsarbeiten”, which means “applications”. There not so many words ending with “-kation” (Applikation, Fraktion, Indikation, Publikation … know some more???!!!)
    “Applikationsarbeiten” would perfectly fit to “StanzungsARBEITEN” (the “A”!).


    12 Jun 06 at 16:10

  3. Or “Stanzungsamt” (“amt” is for office)
    Sorry not to be able to help you further…

    PS: ich brauche eure Hilfe


    13 Jun 06 at 08:33

  4. I bet it is your own car where you randomly put letters on the windows just to bend our minds. Admit it.


    13 Jun 06 at 11:08

  5. I’m glad it’s not just me being thick in not being able to work out what words are on there. Thanks for you help, leute.


    13 Jun 06 at 16:41

  6. Sorry for my late comment here Craig; but I think I’ve got the answer:

    It isn’t German after all; it’s southern Ungsa-Tungs dialect, the message, correctly spelled on the car of the U-T soccer team, roughly reads:

    This is the official Ungsa Tungs van. Don’t scratch it.


    13 Jun 06 at 19:02

  7. Is that true or are you messing with my head?


    13 Jun 06 at 19:26

  8. It’s not true craig, Ungsa Tungs don’t play soccer. They’re more into chess.
    Sorry for messing with your head.

    Could have been true though?!


    14 Jun 06 at 09:27

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