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Playing with my hair

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Top: The real me.

Middle: Me as Hitler; me getting butch at the Man 2 Man club; me as a Beatle; me as the slightly tough one in a boy band.

Bottom: Me stood outside your supermarket telling you that God loves you and you should love Him back; me going to an office everyday with a gun in my car’s glove compartment ready to fuck you all up; me as a Lynyrd Skynryd t-shirt-wearing, Harley Davidson owner; me going for that mid-eighties Bono look.

Written by Craig

June 22nd, 2006 at 5:39 pm

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16 Responses to 'Playing with my hair'

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  1. you actually are hitler as played by mr.bronson in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade…


    22 Jun 06 at 18:38

  2. I am very amused.



    22 Jun 06 at 22:07

  3. love your sense of humour : )

    but the harley guy needs a bandana. and how about craig zappa-style? you know, the long hair, the moustache…

    kleiner freund

    23 Jun 06 at 01:47

  4. Great Stuff Craig(s)!


    23 Jun 06 at 07:36

  5. I do like the look of the “God loves you” Craig, though…




    23 Jun 06 at 08:05

  6. Your “jesus loves you” craig . . I think I used to hang around with him . . . love betty


    23 Jun 06 at 10:08

  7. =)))


    23 Jun 06 at 10:49

  8. me! me! me!!

    New glasses please!


    23 Jun 06 at 11:17

  9. Huh? What does that mean?


    23 Jun 06 at 11:59

  10. Beatle Craig reminds me of Jarvis Cocker.


    23 Jun 06 at 12:41

  11. and the Michael Douglas role one could almost be Freddie Mercury.

    Such fun!

    Magic Door

    23 Jun 06 at 13:03

  12. mucho likeo!

  13. can’t believe i just wrote that. ah well. you are great.

  14. so fess up. how many of these hairstyles have you had over the years?

    And where’s craig with early ’80s Springsteen hair?


    23 Jun 06 at 16:23

  15. i meant try with different glasses.


    23 Jun 06 at 16:45

  16. Anon: Aaah, okay, I understand now.
    Tori: Thank you.
    Becki: I had something close to the Beatle cut for most of my childhood, but it was more football shaped than Beatle. I’ve had the guy-who’s-gonna-kill-people hair but w/out the moustache. And I’ve almost had the Jesus hair too.


    23 Jun 06 at 19:49

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